Beauty is skin deep: Calling out the graphics pimps

There is a term among the gamer community the describes a certain subsect of gamers interested only in how impressive a game looks -- "graphics whores." These are people who get excited over how a game looks more than how it plays, and will easily dismiss any title that isn't up their visual standards.

Just like there can be no smoke without fire, so too can there be no whores without pimps. These are the people that justify the shallow judgment of a title based purely on aesthetics, mainly because that is how they are selling their games. Prompted by the recent resurgence of Killzone 2 talk, I decided to voice my feelings about the "graphics pimps," and why I am sick and tired of hearing about how great a game looks.

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Rick Astley3866d ago

LOL Killzone 2 ftw. I cannot believe how crazy things are getting. People weren't expecting it to look so good and now that Guerilla have proven themselves they're all like "gameplay > graphics". Man this is great stuff.

BrotherNick3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Could anyone link me to a review of someone playing KZ2? I'm curious because it may be a future purchase if what you say is true.

BilI Gates3866d ago

Did you miss the gameplay vids from Gamer's Day or something?

Trailer / Gameplay:
Off-screen gameplay:

Fishy Fingers3866d ago

No, but you don't get to test the gameplay before you buy it (if Day 1), all we get is screen/video's which give you an idea but visual are what you many have to go on (or hands-on's but thats opinion to).

I love the media, you wait until the Gears trailer is released later, you think its the gameplay every site will be banging on about, nope, that'll be the GRAPHICS or "beauty" in the case of the article.

BrotherNick3866d ago

I thought gears controls weren't that fun, I guess I liked the simplicity of Halo More.

Newmanator3866d ago

The ultimate game delivers both and to a good standard - GTA IV or COD4 for instance.

If you don't like games with good graphics but bad gameplay, DON'T PLAY THEM!
Some people just whine and whine...

Tmac3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Look at the comments on, Jim is being bombarded with a lot of spiteful comments, what is with the stigma the PS3 brings? Killzone 2 as it stands right now is the most graphically advanced game we've seen, possibly even on par with Crysis.

I know people will bring up the original Killzone, I've looked into it and saw that Sony actually owns the IP now, and I think they have over 100, 150 people working on this right now? As far as I'm concerned this game is a total over haul of its predecessor.

PoSTedUP3866d ago

just another hater, dont worrie about what sonys doing b!tch.

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The story is too old to be commented.