Guitar Hero 4 set for Holiday release

Activision bigwig Mike Griffith has said the next instalment in the Guitar Hero series will be out this "holiday", or Christmas as we quaintly like to call it.

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gabeh10183811d ago

watch, I bet us PS owners are going to have to buy another P.O.S. guitar to play this game

jinn3811d ago

Gears 2 will own the holidays

I Call 9MM3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I have a bad feeling with this version just like with number 3. It will be a good game, but not as great as it could be. It's the same problem Guitar Hero III had: not enough development time. Neversoft had, what, less then a year to go and make that game. Sure, GHIII is fun and all, but it's nowhere near as decent a game as it could have been. They did a great and commendable job for a game made in less then a year from scratch, to that I give them credit, but the visuals and the note patterns on some songs are not that great (characters look decent, but crowds and you stages look pretty bad, and not enough costumes per character, or even enough decent ones. Rock Band's characters look worse, but the game has some really fancy filters it uses to make it look like a music video and the like which makes the graphics look better, and the animation is much much better too). It wasn't even that much of an improvement over the second one. Now, what I liked about Rock Band was the downloadable content integrates into the game when you download it. GHIII just let's you select it from a list. They could have done better with more time, for sure.

With work being done on GH: Aerosmith, and that comes out in summer, GHIV just won't have enough time in the oven to be all that great I fear. Having too large of a staff means too many cooks in the kitchen and that can be a disaster too. A decent sized team allowed to work on it for 1 1/2 to 2 years and properly plan out how they are going to support the game over the next few years would be much, much better for us in the end.

I know they can use a lot of what was done in GHIII to lay the ground work and save time, but still, come on Activision.

hwoodo3809d ago

Guitar hero III was my first guitar hero game, and ever since when I hear a song I think "would this be good on guitar hero?" I hope that there will be some big-name guitar songs in this one.