PSU Talks with Peter Moore - "I absolutely love the PlayStation"

Over the last couple of weeks, PlayStation Universe has had multiple opportunities to sit down and talk with the big man over at EA, Peter Moore. As Moore is an ex-Microsoft employee, we're sure a lot of you felt that this may result in a lower quality product for the PlayStation 3 in some grand conspiracy by Microsoft to shaft Sony's users. The end result of that conspiracy may have looked evident after The Orange Box debacle, but has never truly been further from the truth as Moore has told us personally "I absolutely love the PlayStation." This came in a music-intensified environment in New York with his arms skyrocketing out in exclamation as he made the claim. It felt genuine – it felt real.

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Fishy Fingers3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

"It felt genuine – it felt real"

Worringly "deep" for one but, really? Probably because it's true. Just because he was the head of Xbox doesn't mean he wont enjoy what Sony has to offer. Peter Moore is not a fanboy.

I bet he had a PS when he worked for MS. Probably got it free mind you :)

Cwalat3816d ago

well well well...

look who comes knocking on the door :P

HighDefinition3816d ago

This is the 2nd time, He had to get a NEW JOB because of them.

Since, to all who don`t know, he was behind the Dreamcast aswell.

eagle213816d ago

Get with the program haters (to whom it concerns).

"I absolutely love the PlayStation" - Peter Moore

(My favorite quote of the year) :)

Maddens Raiders3816d ago

all people in sales, marketing, and business are fanboys. They are fanboys of money and their own personal aheivements.

Peter Moore knows where the PlayStation 3 is heading, and is speaking ahead of the curve. For those that have followed Moore and his statments over the years, this just might be [the] dog whistle statement of this generation.

Bathyj3816d ago

More like its damage control for copping flack about his little swipe at Sony the other day.

Its one thing to say you love. How about showing some love.

dantesparda3816d ago

Believe a word that comes out of these people? Just like politicians, they are all full of sh!t, just saying what they think you wanna hear to sell you their products or their agenda.

CrazyMystical3815d ago

but cool P. Moore nice to see ur no longer a B!t*h on a whip.

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NoUseMerc3816d ago

He was very cool to meet in person. He seemed like one of those guys who could see having over for a football Sunday. Eating burgers and hotdogs and drinking a few beers. Real casual.

Condoleezza Rice3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

In that rumor you guys posted about Sony taking Rockstar under it's wings

PoSTedUP3816d ago

is that tru? were u here that?

Angelitos3816d ago

He could be saying that just for reputation, but really, idk.

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The story is too old to be commented.