Game Engines - Which Game Uses What?

Unscripted writes,

Wouldn't it be cool to know which game engine your favorite game was developed with? I thought so. I decided to break down some of the more popular game engines and list the games that are using the engine for all of you uber geeks out there. Some of the list will include certain toolsets or plugins used for specific things like the physics within a game. (think ragdoll) What may surprise some of you is that more than a few of your favorite games use the same development engine.

I suppose in the world of making video games it's really difficult to design and produce a unique engine for your game so what most developers do is modify an existing engine. There's a lot of sloppy seconds, thirds and fourths going on in the industry it seems. I say this because you'll often find that a game uses variations of multiple engines at times so it's not unlikely to see a game listed twice in the below list of game engines.

Ready to find out which engine your favorite game uses?

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DeaconBlade3866d ago

awesome. :) thx for submitting the story.

Tmac3866d ago

About the picture, I wasn't that impressed with the Euphoria engine, maybe it was a little early in its debut, but it certainly needs more time to mature.

ip-student3866d ago

There are some better articles out there that include more detail (this is a pretty high level review). And I am not sure Havok can be considered its own engine - I thought it was a plug-in (same with Euphoria).

ruibing3866d ago

Yeah this article is very uninformative since it doesn't make any distinctions between graphics engines, motion engines, and game engines (contains everything). It's too simplistic and dumbs down the key features of each.

Xbox is the BEST3866d ago

much about the 360 has only the Unreal Engine.

Tmac3866d ago

Looking at most recent game development I'd consider that true.

DeaconBlade3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

it really wasn't meant to be an in depth look into classifications and distinctions etc :) i just wanted to write a quick article on some popular engines being used to develop today's games.

but because of the interest it has generated, i'll revisit it at some point to write something a bit deeper and more in depth to look at the different rendering, physics engines etc.

like i posted in the comments on the article, i appreciate you guys' feedback and if anyone is up for helping me to write a more broken down piece in the future, go ahead and email me :) i'd love the help to write something more in depth.

again, thx for "reading" it everyone ;)

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