Kitase is dreaming about a remake of Final Fantasy VII

During an interview for TV emission "Next Gen" on the french Tv Channel MCM, Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy Series, announced, he hoped work for a remake of FF VII but it will not realize before FFXIII and FF Versus XIII.
And he said that :

Yoshinori Kitase (in french) : "Tous les jours je me réveille et le projet avance peu à peu, bien qu'il ne soit encore qu'à l'étape de réflexion."

"Everyday, I wake up and the project advance gradually, Well, it's just at the step of reflexion."


We can watch this interview here :

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cloud3604592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

agree if you think they are scretly making it or disagree if not

i think they already decided to make it

MrWonderful4592d ago

i think as much as they talk about it that its coming i expect an announcement by TGS of next year.

DrakenSilverwing4592d ago

Hell Yeah they have been makin it. prolly been workin on it sense they showed that "tech demo".. i can't wait!!

PLiPhaze4591d ago

But I really REALLY hope they are!

Megaton4591d ago

I think they're still undecided about it, but leaning towards the green light.

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SeanScythe4592d ago

I say maybe we will hear someone slip some info at E3. I mean the game is constantly getting it's tracks laid and I think we are just now starting to hear the rumble. This game is coming and it's the main reason I bought a ps3 because I knew this game would arrive sooner or later.

BilI Gates4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

I think it's because working with the PS3 for XIII has really opened up new ideas and visions for him. He's the producer for XIII.

[email protected]4592d ago

That's not enough... FF7 is huge buddy'. It can reach like 12 millions of copies sold worldwide on all the regions easily and especially sold a TONS of PS3 hardware that 4 sure.

PirateThom4592d ago

Don't be surprised if Sony throw a little money Square Enix's way to make sure it happens.

Final Fantasy VII HD would be a TKO to both Microsoft and Nintendo. The original sold 10 million copies on PlayStation, it's very possible an HD version could surpass that give how gaming has expanded and it's held in such high reguard.

DrakenSilverwing4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

if they made a special edition PS3 as well even ppl who own the system already (I would!!!) would buy it again just for that!! so multi millions of systems and easy 13 mil software in its time.. 8 mil first least.. if ya counted the bundles as well..

who else would get another system if they made a special one just for FFVII???!!!

PLiPhaze4591d ago

OMG Stop!! Special Edition FFVII PS3?
If that didn't make it to Europe i'd move permanently to Japan!

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Blackcanary4591d ago

I think it will happen hell i also think that they would redo FF 8 and 9 for the PS3 and add the Advent children movie as a plus for the PS3 FFVII. We will proberly see it in shops for Xmass 2009 or 2010

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