Top 10 Gaming MILFs

GamesRadar celebrates Mother's Day in advance by listing their Top 10 Gaming MILFs.

"GamesRadar will leave it Oprah to acknowledge maternal contributions to child rearing. They thought it was of infinitely greater importance to let the mommies know that GamesRadar still appreciates their bodies in spite of being ravaged by the barbaric ritual of childbirth. Stretch marks, mood swings and breasts that produce dairy be damned - we're proud to say we'd still L. to F. these M.s on their day of days."

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Fishy Fingers3813d ago

I feel dirty approving it but what the hell... as long as we don't get any "Top 10 Gaming GILFs" it's all good.

donalbane3813d ago should try cruising the retirement homes the next time you want to get some stanky on your hang-down. She could tie those things in a bow, yo!

aggh im on fire3813d ago

Lara croft must be about 35 by now so is she now a MILF? if so yeah id do her.

Anis3813d ago

Well, doesn't she have to be a mother? The M isn't for Millionaires.

Distractimus3813d ago

Sorry about that. I accidentally linked to the second page of the article. Check the alternate source for the first page.

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The story is too old to be commented.