Zero Punctuation racist remark during Mailbag Showdown

Typically you can listen to Zero Punctuation and "Yahtzee" Croshaw to get a great laugh. This episode had me smiling all around and we enjoyed the topic of reviews until he began to speak about people only being able to afford one console, he states that this is what creates fanboys, which I guess makes some sense. He loses me at the very end of his video monologue when he refers to "being white enough to afford all of the consoles"...

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taz80803813d ago

Cant believe this episode was approve don N4G and people didnt care about that comment he made at the end. Very racist and I think this needs an apology.

heyheyhey3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

oh chill out

christ it was a joke

if this was "racist" then i guess charmin is racist for only making white toilet paper....jeez


exactly, thank you- thats exactly what im talking about

he just as easily could have been joking about white people being greedy

Silellak3813d ago

No, this isn't racist at all, and is a sign that people are way, way over-sensitive when it comes to humor.

Humor is largely about over-exaggerations and generalization. Yahtzee does this all the time. If anything, he was making fun of himself.

If he said "Being WHITE, and thus able to afford all the consoles", then he'd be racist. "Being white enough" is clearly a jab at him being a white YUPPIE.

CrashSharc3813d ago

I'm actually REALLY okay with racist remarks when they are just meant for a joke. I'm indian and I make of fun of my white/black/and oriental friends to no end (and vice versa). But I gotta say, that remark in the vid did offend me a little. because, seriously, if anyone can afford all 3 consoles, it's not white people...


kaomakk3813d ago

It's satire, nothing is supposed to be sacred. And if anything he's taking the piss out of "white" folk for their usual habit of screwing over the rainbow of other colored people out there, hence the extra cash. He is from Britain after all, they do have a checkered history in that regard. It's a highly political reference, but hey, I laughed.

gonzopia3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Seriously? We're going to debate over a comment made by Yahtzee? He's a comic game reviewer. I think he's poking about as much fun at white people who own all three consoles as he was illustrating that many people who aren't white, who are typically underpaid and undervalued, very honestly cannot afford all three. It's a legitimate statement, but when you brand it and make those sorts of divisions by color all of a sudden everyone gets uncomfortable.


atcsharp3813d ago

I'm white enough not to get offended. Freedom of speech is a blessing....stop your b!tching.

yamamoto1143813d ago

What makes me laugh is that he MAKES FUN of games that are racist. Refer to his reviews on Army of Two and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. DO IT NOW.

machete squad steve3813d ago

and I too can afford to buy all of the consoles but i'm not offended so i can't see how this is racist.

mattnz3813d ago

How can we be so blinded by political correctness that we can no longer see satire for what it is, this was more a jab at 'whites' than anyone, and a society that still allows for the advancement of one race over another.

maggotmx3813d ago

ppft hell im mexican and i was laughing my ass off one because its a freakn joke ppl... and two cuz i could only afford 1 =D i made the right choice of choosing my PS3 tho. Cheers to the guy hope he doesnt apologizes to all those QQing [email protected] He should stick to his guns n hopefully make another vid talkn bout racism haha

Milky3813d ago

hahaha thats funny...

MicroDeath SoftStar3813d ago

it would have been offensive if he said something more like this "well being that i am not a minority on welfare yeeehaaa i can afford all 3 consoles and feed my family at the same time without selling drugs "

That people is what a racist would sound like so stop trying to be so damn politically correct and understand the pun in the joke.
And just for the record im white and im proud and so should everyone be (proud of the ethnic and racial background that is no matter where your from )

DE took Ur JaBBBssss lol

PS FU to the person that put up this story

LastDance3813d ago

yahtzee is always racist..who gives a sh!t. why are people so insecure?

solidt123813d ago

Im black and I own a Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, and a DS for my Son. What a dumb comment!

Michael Jackson3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Ooooh good thing I'm "white" enough to own all 3 consoles.
Hear that little boys, I have an xbox, a PS3, and I'll play with your Wii. I might be white outside. But I'm black enough down there. Ooooh aaaah if you know what I'm sayin'. Ooooooooooow!

iamtehpwn3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

And I'm not offended.
lol. Then again, I do own All 3 next gen consoles, a DS, and I'm buying a PSP this weekend.

Although, don't we typically see Caucasians as having more money than other races? That's just the kind of stereotypes we bear in our society. No one in their right mind could find this offensive.

btw, If he's Racist, Then what the hell are professional Comedians like Dave Chappelle and Carlos Mencia? lmao.

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taz80803813d ago

The fanboy reference is an interesting one, but it is also toof ar of a generalization. According to Yahtzee there should be more 360 fanboys because people cant afford the PS3

Condoleezza Rice3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Ugh,I don't care if you support the Wii,Ps3,or 360,racism is just plain idiotic

Silellak3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

True racism is idiotic.

Humor poking fun at race is not. At least, not always. That depends more on the skill of the comedian, I suppose.

People need to stop taking things so seriously and learn to laugh. We only have so much time on earth, why spend it getting uptight about something a comedian said that made fun of race?

CrashSharc3813d ago

^^^ I totally agree. if you read my earlier post you'll see why. But you got to also understand that if we get too comfortable with it, people are just gonna keep pushing things further and further. Most times, even if it starts as just a joke, it can end up in hate and violence.

taz80803813d ago

I agree, I was just about to turn it off and was thinking it was a good episode when the comment came out and I was like WTF? The comment was in very poor taste

GutZ313813d ago

Before he made that comment, he had made it clear that he had pasty skin from not going out side, from playing to many games.
The comment was in reference to not getting enough sun light, not racial demography segregated by wealth.

People are just picking at straws it find something to be "up in arms" about again.
This article is no different.

DomUltra3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )


God damn Yahtzee fanboy's.

@ Heyheyhey - Whatever I can recognize racism when I see it, when you grow out of that 15 year old mentality come back to N4G, until then you won't be missed. I never called you 15 years old, but now that I clearly can see you don't have the reading comprehension of anyone older than 15 you may have hit the nail on the head.

Lol @ Icewake - so all of a sudden Loot ninja was a credible source for the Haze demo, but now they've tarnished their reputation because they acknowledge an uncessery racist remark? Your pathetic, get out.

heyheyhey3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

wow, rejoice

another over-reactive cry baby agrees with you- *applause*

i can say that eating dog sh!t is better than fish and chips and SOMEONE in the world will agree with me

does that make me right? well il let you pitch that one for yourself

EDIT: oh piss off, stop calling people 15 year olds when your acting as stubborn and pissy as one yourself

im certainly NOT 15

heyheyhey3813d ago


you were saying?

Chubear3813d ago

I've noticed his racial undertones in the past chalked it up to him being one of these closet white supremist dudes but of course nowadays people actully believe racisim doens't exist at all and it's all in a person's mind.

Other opinions of yahtzee is that he's cool, funny and not a racist. My opinion is that he he certainly has what seems like a white superiority thingy going on. To me he's a bigot ... that happens to be funny.

I'm not African American so maybe it's easier for me to tell easily cause we all have meet people or have friends like that. People hide their racial views alot these days but put them in a comfortable environment and you'd think you're in some KKK reunion or something lol

Tmac3813d ago

I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with Dom, racial remarks, even racial undertones aren't really acceptable. He didn't really prep us for it, frankly it came out of the blue and it shocked me, but Dom try to calm down.

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