Fans Eviscerate Trailer For Rambo: The Video Game

Publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon thought that a gameplay trailer for their upcoming action title Rambo: The Video Game couldn't hurt, but the bullet-storm of YouTube commenters would beg to differ.
Maybe it's the fact that the trailer flaunts QTEs, that the game looks like an on-rails shooter, that a tank sounds like a flock of birds dying in a vat of hot oil, or that the in-game shadowing looks like a smattering of poop smears. Whatever the case, the amount of hatred is seething:

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Snookies123830d ago

At this point, it almost seems like they should just drop the game and move on with their lives.

Albie3603829d ago

What a total pot of shit!!!!

Yi-Long3829d ago

It just looks like a PS2 games. It's pretty terrible.

Stallone was never a pretty guy to begin with, but the character-model they used here deserves to be hunted and killed by law enforcement.

Wigriff3829d ago

I didn't know Rambo was a Colonial Marine...

nidhogg3830d ago

it's just-- it's ugly. plain and simple. and the trailer? it's laughable!

bacrec13829d ago

The YouTube comments are hilarious. If it was going to be an on-rails shooter, they should have just ported the SEGA arcade game. I play that at Dave & Busters, it's not bad.

Mikelarry3829d ago

Seriously whats the point of this game, i mean why would you want to put this on your resume as a developer. everything about this game is just wrong