10 Things That Suck About Grand Theft Auto IV

Chris Jensen of writes "With game reviewers still mopping up their collective ejaculate, you'd think GTA IV was the greatest game of all time. The amount of hyperbole showered on Rockstar's game was unparalleled, with nearly every critic unleashing a string of adjectives that cast GTA IV as the second coming of video gaming Christ. Once the initial euphoria of the graphics wears off, you soon realize that GTA IV doesn't evolve its inherent gameplay beyond that which has come before, and in a lot of respects, significantly less."

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dachiefsman3903d ago

I just got an idea to move traffic to my site...make an article about one of the following:

Sony Sucks
MS Sucks
Wii Sucks
MS will win the console war
Sony will win the console war

and last but not least GTA IV sucks

I don't understand these articles. No game is perfect, but this game is damn addicting. I haven't even thought about putting another game in my console since this game released.

Tron3903d ago

GTA4 is fun, don't get me wrong. I love running people over, pushing people into trains. But, he makes some good points. I just can't shake the feeling that i have done this before. I know some of the missions will copy from GTA to GTA but everything seems so similar. And the money complaint is spot on. R* needs to make sure LA Noire is different and fresh.

cybervike3903d ago

It's very addicting I agree and I haven't played anything else since it came out but a fair number of reviews game this game a perfect score and I think these issues deserve to be brought to light because I'd have to say I've experienced some of them myself and it's an issue.

#1 - I agree..there is little value.
#5 - I miss the mini-missions but I don't mind the mini games either
#6 - This has happen to me more than a few times..frustrating
#8 - I just don't see the purpose anymore..becoming annoying.
#9 - I agree
#10 - Agree 200% with this one. I hate it when that happens.

dachiefsman3903d ago

thanks for the disagrees....

"I just can't shake the feeling that i have done this before"

Well it is something you have done before especially if you played the previous GTAs, so why do people come back?

Cause it works...I know the game is not flawless and no I don't have my head up Rockstar's a**. The game to me delivered more positives than negatives. Granted my tendencies when playing a game are not overly critical unless the game is blatantly bad.

Tron3903d ago

Your right.. I think my expectations for this one were way to high.. This is the first year i have been online reading reviews on new games and systems so based off all those 10s I thought i would get something more.

The game is very good, and i will put lots of hrs into it. I just expected more.

dachiefsman3903d ago

I can relate with yea Tron my feelings and expectations were high for another game Halo 3.

LastDance3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

i agree on everything he said. especialy the cover system is so frustrating. and on the contrary to what EVERY reviewer said, multiplayer felt very tacked on. Its a good game..but as soon as i started to do missions for a guy called (sigh) playboy...It was as if i was waiting for it to turn all GTA and get dull.

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LevDog3903d ago

HAHA.. Prolly the best reasons on why GTA4 shouldnt be 10s across the board... Even tho thats not what the article is about..

I played 20 mins of single player and was bored to tears.. the only joy I find in this game is.. Multiplayer and only with my friends.. the best mode is GTA race with the scooter.. Other than that this game is Highly over rated..

and the swarm of disagrees start

Kleptic3903d ago

I wouldn't say overrated...I wouldn't really know how to explain it though...

as far as ambitious games go...this tops the has a more believable and realistic game environment than any other game to that regard, its the best game ever made...

but its definitely not the most fun game ever suffers from some things the past games did...missions can be tedious and monotonous...there is nothing worse than the feeling of 'i don't want to do this' when you are driving to your objective...

and the driving...while I understand its more realistic...and it doesn't bother me overall, I can see why it would bother takes a really fast car for the game to be fun while driving...but there is a plethora of slow pos's everywhere that you end up jumping in in a pinch, and it sucks...

I totally agree with this guy about the money...that part really sucks...the money rewards for doing missions is pointless...and the story take FOREVER to unfold...leaving you with no real incentives to do the missions...thats a problem when there are hundreds of things to do other than the missions...

its not perfect...but there are some things that it does better than any other game ever made...and personally I like the online stuff, as well as the story...I find Niko one of the most charismatic protaganists so far in gaming...which is saying a lot...

the game may be slightly overrated...but only by a few points...I would give the game a 9.5 overall...and it would be one of a very few games at that score for me...but nothing yet is higher than that...


Sonics0203903d ago

Finally someone pointing out flaws in this game. It may be addicting but it does not make the game great. Likewise Cloverfield was very entertaining yet it did not win any prestigious movie awards and got rated as an average movie. Just because the game is addicting does not mean its a good game. I am glad someone finally pointed out the many flaws in this game. I do own the game and think it is a good game but to hear is the greatest game ever is just ridiculous.

dachiefsman3903d ago

Please tell me another game that is not good that is addicting....

It doesn't make any sense.

rhood0223903d ago


Just because its addicting doesn't mean its a perfect game or deserves a perfect score. In fact, the author of this article makes some valid points, yet his opinion is immediately questioned because he challenged the almighty GTA.

What about this article is unfair exactly? Or what is off base?

Sadly, this is the state of gaming today. Hype sells, plain and simple. This is especially true about legacy games like Zelda, Mario, Metal Gear, GTA, etc or games by respected developers.

People love these games or the love the games by these developers and immediately build up the game as perfect. Mass Effect, for example, in no way deserved its high scores. The story was amazing, but the game itself is seriously flawed developmentally. But because people loved KOTOR or Jade Empire, Mass Effect was an automatic winner.

GTA is no different and the author points out the game's significant short comings.

dachiefsman3903d ago

Where did I say that addicting = perfect rating. I even said the game is not perfect in my first post.

I just don't understand why someone wouldn't have done an article like "The good and bad of GTA IV" instead of "10 reasons why gta sucks" see the difference, plus it is more balanced approach as well.

Lumbo3903d ago

because the good points of GTA4 have already been told .. to death .
By most of the general video games "journalists" and "critics".

What you say is that its seemingly perfectly valid to praise the game putting a blanket over the shortcommings, but if you want to write something about the shortcomings you shall not, unless you point out all the good points again and again. Else you end up with flames from the insulted fanretards for daring to criticize the holy game.

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gabeh10183903d ago

well the article does have a point. I went out to the midnight pre-order sale last week and picked up my copy for PS3. You would think that because of the reviews this game is receiving it is some evolution in gaming, but it is simply not that.

Hell, I enjoy the game and I haven't sat in front of my tv since FF7 and played about 5-7 straight hours. But the game itself isn't really any different than GTA Vice City. It is fun as hell, has a great story, and is extremely addicting, but I think the praise is a little overboard.

PoSTedUP3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

that is true, i havent taken the game out yet, but what else is true is about the real estate, i havent gotten that far, but to hear that you cant buy another house is reel sh*ty. fu*k.....i meen why did they decide to take that away all of a sudden. i have dissagreed with every 1 else that talks about the driving, but this is some thing that i agree with, its still an awesome game, but why the houses? thats all im concerned about. everthing else is iight, i can deal with it

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