Freedom Wars Producer Sees the Massive Sales Gap Between PS Vita and 3DS as an Opportunity

The gap in sales between the 3DS and the PS Vita is definitely massive, but Sony Computer Entertainmnent Japan Studios Producer Junichi Yoshizawa, currently working on the PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars doesn’t let himself be discouraged and prefers to think positive, while the rest of the team is motivated by the challenge.

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Snookies123804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Nintendo is always going to lead handhelds. There was never any question of that coming into this next-gen of handheld devices. However, the PSP did incredible, and I truly believe the Vita will gain some serious traction in the next year or two. It's the best handheld device I've ever owned, and I've been happy with it since I got it at launch.

I just wish half of the Japanese games that come out for it would get localized... So many interesting games that never make it here. :[

maddskull3804d ago

How do you know? did you come from the future?
the 3ds started low then gt up in sales and the ps4 is really boosting the psvita and the vita is great and its better than the 3ds but the 3ds has more games thats the problem.

Snookies123804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Um, because they've BEEN dominating the handheld sales for years. Since the original GameBoy. It's a household name as well, parents know their children will have fun with a Nintendo product. They know Mario and Pokemon are family friendly games. So that's what they buy. A ton of its sales are going to younger kids, and that's something no other company that gets into handhelds is going to be able to compete with. So yes, Nintendo will pretty much always have an enormous chunk of the market.

I am very hopeful that the Vita's sales will start to dramatically increase over time though. If the PSP's success is anything to go by, it most likely will.

CocoWolfie3804d ago

indeed. i love this guys optimism and the thought of this becoming amazing, that everyone talks about it even over seas gets me gitty <3 ..but yeah it had a long head start, they have franchise perfect for the 3ds.. someday i think we'll get there too, someday out of the blue we'll see a larger rise in sales and games, just needs more time.. plus every month more games are added to the collection which is great, but yeah, hopefully someday we get there :p

bothebo3804d ago

Really do you have numbers to back that up? Do you a specific number indicating increases in sales where we can compare one week to another? I'll drop you in on a hint: there isn't any such data.

The 3DS appeals to a much bigger demographic than the Vita which only appeals to people who like JRPGs or adventure games. After all, there are only 4 shooter games on the system and maybe 2 or 3 racing games on the system.

We just need more and better software!

MadLad3804d ago

You just have to follow Nintendo's history from the first handheld they ever made to the latest; the 3DS.
Nothing has ever touched it and the likelihood of that changing needs to combat the twenty years that goes against such a thought.

Skip_Bayless3803d ago

The Vita comes secondary just as Nintendo's WiiU is secondary to the 3DS. The two companies have just mutually agreed that "hey you own the home so let's not focus on that" and the other is "hey you own the mobile so let's not focus on that".

liquidhalos3803d ago

You realise you're both disagreeing with him while agreeing with everything he says T the same time. Read and comprehend

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Godmars2903804d ago

"Nintendo is always going to lead handhelds."

Like they always dominated Home consoles. Or Sony after them.

Snookies123804d ago

I'm just saying, they've been leading the handheld market for like almost 20 years now. I think the GameBoy was released in '95, not sure... All I'm saying, is that for the foreseeable future, provided nothing happens to Nintendo as company. They've got that market or at least a good bit of it locked down.

hazelamy3804d ago

remember the Virtual Boy?

even Nintendo can screw up.
nothing is guaranteed.
not even for Nintendo.

Snookies123804d ago

@hazelamy - So they had one screw up in almost 20 years. That's still a great reputation they have going. I'm not a Nintendo fanboy, far from it. Just saying that it's pretty impressive how firm of a hold they have over the handheld market.

Godmars2903803d ago

More like they tried something radically different in 20 years. For at least 15 of those years they did nothing different except small cosmetic changes until the DS, where they are again doing small cosmetic changes.

All its going to take to mess them up is the same thing which messed them up with consoles: someone else makes a move or does something which the market needs and Nintendo is too slow to respond. Responds wrongly.

Granted given how the market is the chance that "something" happens are low, but their response to the second analog stick - rushing an add-on for the DS then not adding the design to a new model later, giving that a different add-on - proves how bad they respond to necessary change.

Sayai jin3803d ago

@Godsmars- Nintendo's strategy has worked. I for one would like to see a more competitive handheld market, but someone has to really set the market upside down to change things.

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sypher3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Agreed. It is largely because the handheld market has seen little change outside of mobile/tablets. How big of an effect do they have? Not too much looking at how many 3DS units have sold. Sony would be affected much more by it, purely because the same consumers who buy a Vita may own or be also planning to own a smartphone / tablet.

A parent goes into a store looking for a handheld there is only one choice. The cutesy, non-threatning mascots with a history of pleasing children. And Nintendo has always aimed their devices at that consumer that is their cash cow in handheld gaming. Yeh a mature gamer may play Nintendo products but its not specifically aimed that them.

Nintendo has always been the 'my first gaming experience' type of company. That aims at small children and helps to make them Nintendo fans. Where as Sony entered the market aiming at a mature audience from the get go. Sony does not try and compete in that market, so the actual people able to buy a Vita is much less than an audience viable for a 3DS.

PSNintyGamer3804d ago

Yet Vita Gamers are hyping up Tearaway and other similar indie games, please tell me how this fits into this Market Sony is trying to reach.

ruefrak3803d ago

As a parent who did buy his daughter a 3DS, it's not so much the non-threatening nature of Nintendo but rather, it's where the games are for kids. All that stuff that I would consider shovelware, ie Barbie games, Lego Friends, Monster High, is all available for the 3DS. Theres nothing remotely close to it on Vita. Tearaway is a great game, and my daughter thinks it's fun, but that's one game.

The fact is that with the game library right now, the Vita is for older gamers. And as an older gamer, I love it. If Sony wants more of the younger crowd, they need to get these kiddie games ported over.

sypher3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

@ruefrak exactly. They dont try and compete in that space purely because Nintendo own it. They obviously see the figures and realise the owners of Sony products are a lot older so makes games to satisfy that audience.

So when trying to sell handhelds which start off with a diminished target market to begin with. Due to older gamers not having the time to game on the go or satisfied with their console experience. Nintendo corner that market of kids who are traveling with parents. Thus games are made to satisfy that target. It is Nintendo's bread and butter after all. Sony has always attracted the more unusual, offbeat and mature titles.

Smaller target market for sure, but they really aren't competing for a lot of the same consumers so hard to compare them both.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3804d ago

While PSP sold a lot hardware it suffered from piracy and software attachment rate.

G20WLY3803d ago

The DS suffered from piracy too - and it was wider spread too, I believe.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3803d ago

except DS has tons multi millions seller
Piracy wasn't DS main reason to own one. It was PSP.

dedicatedtogamers3804d ago

I love this Producer's enthusiasm. We need more people like this *ahem*Nintendo*ahem* who acknowledge their failures and then say "you know what? We're going to work our hardest to kick butt anyway".

MasterCornholio3804d ago

The more great games for the Vita the better.


mohuzas3803d ago

Sony talks, Nintendo acts.
WiiU is getting a ton of first party software/exclusives in 2014, what first party offerings match that so far in 2014? Freedom wars is the only thing i can think of.

Team_Litt3804d ago

Actually there was some doubt. in fact, NGP buzz was so big that some factions believed it would eclipse the 3DS.
I'm sure some here believed it as well. Didn't happen and it taught some people humility.

Snookies123804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

To be honest, I was a HUGE fan of the Vita when it was first revealed. I was also really disappointed by the 3DS reveal. (Of course, now that I've had time with the 3DS, I really like it.) Nevertheless, I still expected the 3DS to win out over the Vita. Sure, that's just me, but I know that even the most incredible-looking device can be outshone by reputation. You can put out a device that has triple the power of a competitor's at half the price, but if you're not a well known brand your device isn't going to sell near as many as your competitor. Unless of course you just get lucky and your device catches on. Popularity is a very fickle thing.

I'm not saying Sony isn't well known, of course it is. I'm just saying, Nintendo has that mass-market appeal with the younger audience. That unfortunately Sony does not.

GraveLord3803d ago

You know you shouldn't get your hopes up. By now you should accept Vita for what it is.

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SpiralTear3804d ago

Well, Yoshizawa certainly has guts, I'll give him that.

CLOUD19833804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

It's smart that SONY try to bring more & more Monster Hunter type of games to VITA but I can't understand why they don't do anything to bring the original Monster Hunter, CAPCOM is not a first party studio of Nintendo they can push to get the new MH game on Vita, atm 3DS have 2 very big sellers, Pokemon which SONY can't do anything about & MH which is possible to get if they try I'm sure they can make a deal with CAPCOM to release it on Vita also.