Futuremark's Vantage DX10 Benchmark Arrives -A free trial lets you see how your gaming rig measures up

Logan Decker reports:

''Ever since puberty, guys have been comparing their stuff to other's guys stuff to see how they measure up. I'm not just talking man-junk here. I mean cars, houses, wives, money, everything. And gaming rigs are no exception.

If your neighbor gets an 8800GTX, you get a GX2. If he puts in a case window, you get cold-cathode lights and a custom paint jobber from Smooth Creations. If he gets a dual-core proc, you have to get a quad-core and casually mention that you're running [email protected] in the background as you perforate him with bullets in Team Fortress 2. It's a sure-fire path to fulfillment and a vindication of your life in general.''

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