GTAIV Social Club's 100% Club contest extended

Rockstar's 100% Club contest, where anyone who beats GTAIV 100% earns membership into the 100% Club AND is sent a real key to Liberty City, has been extended! That's right, the contest was initially scheduled to have already ended, but Rockstar wants to make sure "everyone has a chance to get in on the action" and extended the contest until Monday, May 19th. So, get your GTAIV gaming on, complete the game 100% and earn your key to Liberty City!

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AnSteRiX3813d ago

all i need now is the game

niall773813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

but Im not rushing GTA4 for no man.

I want to keep playing the singleplayer to about June 11th

chaosatom3333813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Does anybody know how to connect psn network to social club?

I went to the website and then entered my psn email and password, and then nothing happen. How am i suppose to see my stats?

Do i need to go to the gtaiv game and do something in-game or in-menu to activate, so that my stats show up on social club?

oh wait, it works now, never mind.

BigDaddyDLo3813d ago

Aw I was 42 minutes late getting the news posted. Honestly, everyones going to dog me for this, but Im a little ticked that they extended it. I took a week off to win this contest, and I did. And now because Rockstar can't get their stat situation straightened out (I was one of those who still can't access the 100% club), it now becomes a thing where everyone will end up winning. Over at, most people have already finished the main story in the first week. Two weeks to do the side stuff is ridiculously long, and anyone can now decide they want to do it. Believe me, I already did it all in less than 7 days. This pretty much makes the point of having an exclusive memorabilia prize, well, pointless.