Pre-order Bourne at GAME, get a free 360 demo disc

According to a Sierra press release, those of you that pre-order the 360 version of The Bourne Conspiracy at UK retailer GAME will received a three-level demo disc for your efforts.

No love shown to Playstation 3 owners, it seems.

Interested? Full thing after the link.

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PirateThom3812d ago

Shame you can just download it...

PirateThom3812d ago

I'm in the UK and I have already downloaded it.

Mike Bowden3812d ago

yeah but people who own a 360 and haven't got a Gold Sub US account, can't. I'd wager that was most people.

I know it's out on the US PSN, too. Still, the fact remains, that people simply can't "just download it".

Zoidy3812d ago

Wow, a three level demo disc, for free - of levels that are in the final game! Why don't they push the boat out and give away the rest of the game!

I couldn't care less if this so called exclusive is free to only 360 pre-orders - still getting the PS3 version. If I want to play the 3 levels I can certainly wait a month or two to get the final game and then enjoy that instead.

Microsoft really are having a laugh!

predator3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

why is Microsoft having a laugh? you think they did this?

"Sierra Entertainment UK and GAME Stores today announced that British customers pre ordering the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming action game, The Bourne Conspiracy will receive an exclusive three level demo disc."

where in that does it mention Microsoft?

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