The Wii U is officially a disaster

There’s no longer any debating it: Nintendo’s Wii U is an absolute disaster. People were shocked when we talked about what a tremendous failure the Wii U would be following its launch back in 2012, but it’s now a matter of public record.

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_QQ_2437d ago

Really? because i have great games to play and am waiting on great games to release including a spiritual successor to last gen's game of the generation xenoblade.

doesn't sound like a disaster to me.

Godmars2902436d ago

"am waiting on great games to release including a spiritual successor to last gen's game of the generation xenoblade."

Which at this point could be showing up on the WiiU's successor. Nintendo might move that fast in replacing the console.

rashada072436d ago

I disagree, good or bad it will at least run a 5 year cycle.

BTW my wii u got more play hours than my ps4 this past christmas so, there's that..

dantesparda2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

"BTW my wii u got more play hours than my ps4 this past christmas so, there's that.. "

And there you have it folks, the WiiU is both better and has better games than the new next gen systems cuz this guys has put more time into it then his PS4

Tito082436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@Rashada- Yeah, your Wii U should have more play than "Your PS4" as the PS4 is a 2 month old console while Wii U has being out for a little over a year, don't you think? Your comment is a failure, smh.

CryofSilence2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

You're missing the point. While the Wii U has some stellar games--no one is denying that--its lacking sales are a financial disaster for Nintendo. Time will tell if they can salvage it. I'm not certain that even their exceptional first party studios are up to the task of winning back public favor.

thezeldadoth2436d ago

Has stellar games, lacking sales. Sounds like the result of the ever growing and expanding fanboy cults.

Utalkin2me2436d ago

Im sorry WiiU is far from a disaster and has some really great games. Alot are coming down the pipes this year is gonna make it hard for "gamers" not to pick up a WiiU.

dedicatedtogamers2436d ago

I want the Wii-U to have more games, though. At this rate, it's going to end up having fewer games than the Gamecube. I'm excited for Project X but right now Nintendo is ignoring their audience. Pikmin 3? Windwaker HD? These are niche titles that only product Gamecube-level sales.

Additionally, we still don't know what the Wii-U's philosophy is. Wii caught like wildfire because we understood it: fun, accessible, different. But the Wii-U? It's just...a Nintendo console with a tablet. Who cares?

erathaol2436d ago

A knee jerk reaction like releasing a new console would be an even bigger disaster for Nintendo. As it stands the Wii U is their best idea. When your best idea doesn't work, than your in a bad position.

Instead of wasting money and resources on making a console on par with their competition, it might be time to partner up with someone, that way they can spent more time on making great games rather than worry about getting a piece of hardware into people's home's.

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Hatsune-Miku2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I just want to play bayonetta 2 on ps4 and ps vita because i know it won't sell well on wii u.

I don't want to waste money on buying the wii u when I'm not interested in anything on it except for one game. The wii us price is also too close to the price of the true next gen system the ps4 so it's overpriced.

Typical nes fanatics can't handle the truth. I'm sorry that I don't feel like buying a wii u just so I can play bayonetta 2

BosSSyndrome2436d ago

The hell kind of a reason is that.

Metallox2436d ago

The Wii U costs 300 dollars, yeah, but it comes with 2 games and many accessories. Plus online it's free (and it's not bad, keep on mind that). To have a nice experience on PS4, you have to buy the console, PS+, and one game. I mean, I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just stating the prices aren't the same.

Godmars2902436d ago

And it wouldn't even exist if Nintendo hadn't paid to make it, so its their game.

Get over it.

MasterCornholio2436d ago

I dont like that its exclusive to the Wii U because i had a blast playing it on the 360. But you have to accept that its exclusive to Nintendos system and move on.

maniacmayhem2436d ago

The first Bayonetta didn't sell well on PS3 either. It's actually regarded as a flop, this reasoning of games selling better if on PS3 or 4 needs to really stop, it's stupid.

Sony, MS and Sega didn't step up and try to secure this franchise but Nintendo did. I'm 100% positive you also know this and just for some unknown reason continue to ignore this fact.

DialgaMarine2436d ago

@Metallox You didn't mention the fact that the PS4 is also substantially more powerful, still has a far superior online network, and has the most popular third party titles out there. With Wii-U, yeah you get the console for cheaper, but it's much weaker, comes with a glorified iPad that gimps the hardware, has an online network that still doesn't even match up to XBL or PSN from the last gen, and it technically only comes with one game (the other being more of an overpriced expansion than an actual game).

Justindark2436d ago

bayo bombed on the last two systems cus ps and 360 gamers dont seem to play japanese games

Limegreen2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


For the price of ps+ there are at least 5 free games in the playstation store right now for PS4 with more added every month ! And PS+ has been on sale many times for right around $30. Some people may enjoy Wii u but there is no comparison in value.

Metallox2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@DialgaMarine Still, you didn't catch my point. I'm concern all about that, power, online services and that stuff, but at the end, if you just buy one Wii U, you won't need to buy more, because it has two games and the online it's free. When you buy the PS4 you have to buy the console, buy a game or subscribe to PS+, whic it costs money, too. And if you want to play online, you still need to pay for PS+. I'm not saying that's bad, understand that, please. I know the PS4 values that. And you call New Super Luigi U overpriced? Have you ever played it at least?

@Limegreen, Still you have to pay fr the service, so for now, it's the same.

kreate2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

"The first Bayonetta didn't sell well on PS3 either. It's actually regarded as a flop, this reasoning of games selling better if on PS3 or 4 needs to really stop, it's stupid. "

of course it didnt sell well. There was this nasty media surrounding the ps3 version of bayonetta. It supposedly had problems until the update where u can install it on the ps3 hdd. Im sure there was issues. Even the kotaku guy bashed it on the bonus round.
everyone said to buy the 360 version. The ps3 version never really had much of a chance from the beginning. Despite its shortcomings, no one bought the 360 version in japan.

the thing is, japanese centric games does sell better on the ps3. Catherine, final fantasy, tales of graces, etc.

While I believe shooter games sell better on the 360.

ABizzel12436d ago


That's true, but with PS+ you're getting a PS4 game every month, as well as a significantly better multi-media device, a real HDD for storage, and superior 3rd party support.

The Wii U bundles are worth the asking price for fans of Nintendo, but for most consumers it's obviously not which is why it isn't selling. I bought my Deluxe Wii U (w. NintendoLand) on Black Friday for $200, and IMO $200 is exactly what the Wii U should cost (PS360 should be sub $200 now too).

zero_gamer2436d ago

Nintendo is the publisher for Bayonetta 2 which is why it's exclusive. You can't please everyone, you want games for the Wii U, but complain the games are exclusive.

Dr_Salvitor2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

No yeah totally I own 20 games on my Wii U, oh and look here VC games oh and look at this I can play my old Wii games too. Oh and look at this sad pile of 4 games on ps4 and Xbox 1.

Get over your self If you say there are no games on Wii U then you dont know how to play videogames. You sad fucks sit here and talk about howmuch better ps4/Xbox1 are and how Wii U has no games then you say the games it has sould be on your console of choice. Poor baby have to wine and cry "nintendo please go 3rd party so I can play alll those games I say your console dose not have. I some how cant justify a 250$ purchase because I say a system i've never touched has no value compared to these other two compleatly identical consoles. I just can't get enough of these unpolished games riddled with microtransactions and day one DLC please give me more your shady business practices make me rock hard just like the 5 shades of brown you use in your games and super gritty blood spurting physics."

Video games have devolved to this point because of people like you spend all day up on your high ultra relistic graphic horse with a ps4 shoved up your ass spouting hate. The Last of Us won numerous GOTY awards but hold on sally eurogamer chose Mario how dare them TLOU is the best this can't be I must cry about it. i did not see many nintendo fans trashing TLoU but you bet the Sony fans were in an uproar, got some news Gameplay wise tLoU sucks it should never be ok to prioritize graphics over gameplay thats why they are called videoGAMES.

You come to every article and spout hate I guess like so many of you who say the same thing about nintendo fans "We are just trying to justify our purchase." but why intead of playing the games you so highly prise are you on here all day I guess you just have nothing to play I on the other hand am Off to play some pikmin Oooh look at these colors they are so bright and vibrant I'm just going to enjoy this games I purchased instead of yelling about it online to feel justified. Oh look an apple it looks so good im going to use my group of adorible minions to take it back to my ship boy this sure is fun.

Games should make you feel like a child again, help you let go of your troubles for a while not make you spend all day on the internet hateing on the games you dont like that do make people everywere feel free after a hard day at work, people like you are a disgrace to video games. Fun is what matters not pixles not mature rating or sales numbers.

stragomccloud2436d ago

Why do you keep wasting your time obsessing with Wii U articles and yelling every one of them. Do not you have anything better to do than rebel in anger, hatred, and ignorance?

ChickeyCantor2436d ago

"I just want to play bayonetta 2 on ps4 and ps vita because i know it won't sell well on wii u. "


I swear...I swear people, one day imma burn down these servers /lol

Absolutely loved Bayo on the 360. I can not wait till the second installment comes out.

LonDonE2436d ago

@ dr salvitor
dude i love my wii u, in fact even though i own and game on every platform, by far this Christmas i have gamed more on my wii u then my PS4!
But for you to say that the last of us just has great graphics and rubbish game play proves you have never ever played it!

The last of us is a technical marvel, and also has some of the best game play i have played last gen! and its not just me saying that, so many people have given it game of the year and game of the generation accolades.

Everyone is not wrong, more likely you are, its a mind blowing game! you have obviously never played it, or you would never make that statement! why is it nintendo fan boys like you can only think playstation games are only graphical games, and dont have any worthy game play? while all nintendo games have the best game play? this is not the case! if you truly owned and gamed on all platforms like me and many other core gamers you would clearly be able to admit that the last of us and many other games on 360, ps3 etc were awesome!

Stop spreading biased fan boy dribble, the last of us is AWESOME! obviously you may not have liked it for whatever reason, but dont try to make out it was just a game with great graphics and nothing more! it was far from that.

Not only was it a game running on a 6 year old console which rivals allot of pc games graphically, but it also had a moving excellently executed story, and the game play, my god the game play was PERFECT! it truly pushed story telling in video games forward!

Knushwood Butt2436d ago

@ Chickey

According to one source it sole about 2 million copies (including sales over both PS3 and 360).

Want to make a bet about whether the Wii U sales of Bayonetta 2 will top that?

r2oB2435d ago

@ Dr_Salvitor

I like how to try and justify gameplay over graphics by stating they are video GAMES. As if graphics are not equally important because they are called VIDEO games.

Oh, and since when should video games make someone feel like a child? I dont play adult themed games to feel like a child. In fact, most of the games I play are not fit for children, so how can they make me feel like a child? Maybe you cant let go of the past, but I dont play video games to feel like a kid again.

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Deividas2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Considering the PS4 has already outsold the WiiU in lifetime sales even though the Wii U has been out for well over a year now (Xbox One to fallow suit)...and usually Nintendo Consoles sell like hot cakes, Yea I would consider that a disaster for the Wii U.

aksmashh2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Thats crazy about ps4 outselling it!!!!!!!!

I cant imagine what what donkey kong, mario kart ect.... Would look like on the ps4!!!

Such waste of talent!!!!!

stragomccloud2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Only in the UK man. Sony still has to sell more than one million more units too catch up to global sales. Which I imagine that it will.

Reeze2436d ago

"Usually Nintendo consoles sell like hotcakes..."

Actually, none of the consoles have been exactly huge successes except for the Wii... The Wii was released with the right stuff at the right time. I'd say the Wii U is actually faring pretty normally for a Nintendo console.

(Note I said console, not handheld.)

Ol_G2436d ago

When did ps4 outsold the wii u please tell did you buy more than a million ps4's cause the numbers don't add up

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_QQ_2436d ago

@my replies. looks like some people don't get the idea.

LOL_WUT2436d ago

Yes, we get it you love Nintendo to death but judging all the aspects surrounding the console from marketing, sales etc. it has become a disaster one that is costing Nintendo millions ;)

_QQ_2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@lol_wut have fun playing sales then, i'll be playing games.

@dialga marine, most wiiu owners will agree with me, not saying no changes need to be made, but a disaster....

Deividas2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


Well no shit most Wii U owners will agree with you, after overpaying for a product that is SO overpriced, they will of course look for anything to justify their purchase. No one is just gonna go out and say yea I just wasted $350. After paying that absurd price, they better love it.

I like Nintendo and their games, but I will not be buying a Wii U till the price has a drastic cut.

ShinMaster2436d ago

Most Wii U owners are always reaching when they try to say that Wii U has plenty of good games.

stragomccloud2436d ago

How is a console sold at a loss considered overpriced? Food for thought.

DC7772436d ago

It has only sold at a loss since the price drop and one game makes it a profit. Nintendo hasn't "lost money" they missed a projected sales mark as did the beast 3ds. Which goes to prove their entire sales and marketing team sucks.

It's not overpriced it comes with a freaking monitor, two games and free online.

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3-4-52436d ago

Wait til Smash brothers and zelda & Mario Kart 8.

These same "hits" article sites will be writing how MK8 saved the Wii U or some crap like that.

It's not going to sell like the wii....ever.....get over it.

It will still be a decent system until their next one the Gamecube was.

Deividas2436d ago

I thought the Gamecube was the shit....I would be all over a Gamecube 2...

3-4-52436d ago

I still own my gamecube and love it.

I wasn't saying it as a bad thing, maybe I should have worded it differently.

Either way, Nintendo screwed up by not listening, but everyone is overreacting to this news.

Nintendo will be fine.

Minato-Namikaze2436d ago

Didnt they have those games for the N64 and Gamecube? Didnt make much of a difference.....well maybe a little bit with the 64.

ShinMaster2436d ago

Peope said to wait for a new 3D Mario as well.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2436d ago


Why should Nintendo listening to media who try to turned them into a western company. Nintendo is a Japanese company. Will stay that way. They not listen to people who tries to tell what to do with their hardware in the making. They go off by their Development Studio and publishers and developers who have supported them. Right now for Wii U it just Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft, WB Games, Atlus, Platinum Games and Disney with tons of indie devs making their home on eShop.

If listen to media is wise idea then that woul be listen to a lot of ignorant gamers who never cared for them or wanted them to go third party.

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frostypants2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

It is a disaster from a business perspective. Don't be obtuse. And yes, this matters, as it impacts their future strategy. Nintendo needs to become a 3rd party dev for other consoles.

cyguration2436d ago

So they can churn out overpriced crap like EA?

No thanks.

deafdani2436d ago

I was right with you until you spouted the third party crap.

Justindark2436d ago

sony needs to go 3rd party. there games are so main stream its not even funny that sjust like saying that so uhhhhh umm no?

DialgaMarine2436d ago

So because you, one individual consumer, are satisfied with your purchase, then that automatically means the console isn't a disaster? It hasn't blown through countless Nintendo dollars, and put the company in the hole, financially? Contrary to what you may believe, because a select few consumers are happy with a product doesn't mean it's automatically a 100% success. Here's some logic for you: Console sales = more money which = more developers creating games which = a better product overall. Unless you've personally gone out and purchased several million Wii-Us and several million copies of each game, your opinion has virtually no effect on the console's status. The few people like yourself who enjoy the console are bat shit insane if you honestly believe that Nintendo should continue to burn through it's finances to continue supporting a console just for you.

Granted, all the same can be said for Sony and the PS3 at it's beginning, but the PS3 still did far better in it's early days than the Wii-U is doing, eventually became profitable, and moved to become a success in the 7th gen. 82.5 million units and still going strong is enough to say the console has done very well. Wii-U is shaping up to be the worst selling Nintendo console, and knowing the GC LTD numbers, that's saying quite a bit.

Ol_G2436d ago

Yeah and ps3 didn't earn them a penny so much for succes

DialgaMarine2436d ago

@OI_G You do realize the PS3 was eventually profitable (I think it started turning a profit around 2010 or so). It just hasn't made back anywhere near the amount that Sony lost on it initially, but that's why the PS4 is here ;)

SilentNegotiator2436d ago

Lopez must think pretty highly of themself if they think personally enjoying the system has anything to do with its overall success.

DinoNYC2436d ago

Dreamcast is argued to be a great console yet it was still a disaster as it didn't sell well at all and Sega lost money on it.

hellzsupernova2436d ago

Dreamcast sucked. It was never great. People are delusional

hellzsupernova2436d ago

From a business point of view it is a disaster.

Mithan2436d ago

From a sales perspective, it is a disaster.

ftrain2436d ago

Maybe if you only play 1 game a month it has great games. I would rather have great exclusives and great 3rd party support instead of playing a few games a year on Wii U.

xDHAV0K24x2436d ago

Love it as my back up console. Never a primary.

360ICE2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

It's definitely possible to have a great time with Wii U, but in terms of sales, it is a really big failure. And sales is kind of what they're discussing here.

They even write:
"While anyone who has tried the console will tell you that games on the system are just as fun and exciting as they have ever been"

Got to love the effort you gave reading it.

KillerPwned2436d ago


As I disagree that the console is dying or anywhere near something like Dreamcast or other consoles that have been discontinued. The Wii U is lacking software even as a current owner myself with a ton of great games I loved classics such as the new Mario and Wind Waker HD. After beating them I really haven't touched my Wii U too much. More third parties along with indie developers need to get on the Wii U. But Nintendo has to give them an incentive a reason to come to the console. Maybe release a new firmware with some awesome features or rework the online if possible (Which the online is a lot better then before still not up to par with PSN,Live.)

Overall just saying the system needs more games and I'm sure then it will sell a ton. In terms of first party I feel like Nintendo is taking their sweet time and that's good and all but that is where third party comes in to distract us while we wait for games such as you mentioned the successor to Xenoblade.

NeoTribe2436d ago

You should call nintendo and tell them that. Sorry but nintendo doing poorly at sales and possibly killing there company has nothing to do with you liking the games they put out. Nintendos finances are not dependant on just you alone my friend.

WiiUsauce2436d ago

why don't gou guys wait for Mario Kart 8 and Smash to come out. If those games don't sell Wi U's, then start panicking lol.

assdan2436d ago

Your opinion that xenoblade is the game of the generation. It's got a 92 on metacritic, while that's a great score, I can think of several games off the top of my head with higher rating. Also, on the wiiU, you have ONE "great" game to play. Super mario 3d world. The wiiU is not doing well. It's sad if you can't acknowledge that.

incredibleMULK2436d ago

All hail nintendo. Glorious and merciful nintendo. Please step on my nuts. 'crunch' Thank you, may I have another.

showtimefolks2436d ago

i am a pro sony fan and love PlayStation brand, but let's not jump the gun. Sure wiiu will not sell 100 million like wii but not many consoles do. Failure is a strong word, if selling 45-60 million in lifetime sales is failure than yes Nintendo will fail

What has me so frustrated with big N is they haven't learned from over 2 Decades of mistakes. Gimmick consoles can only take you so far. All the R&D they spent on that gamepad should have gone towards making the actual specs of the console stronger. What's done is done

when will Nintendo learn that not having 3rd party support is a huge Negative?

Where are the Exclusives? wii stopped selling like hot cakes back in 2010, so why wasn't N better prepared for future? they thought they will just call it a wiiu and it will sell because wii did

wii sold so well yet look at 3rd party support?

if i am running Nintendo today i would launch a new Consoles in Fall 2016. Full fledged next gen consoles that will be atleast 40-50% stronger than ps4 and xbox one

get support from 3rd parties, ask them what we could do as a company to better please them. Also make our online offerings comparable if not better than psn-xblive.

or just keep making handheld consoles that sooner or later will stop selling

3rd option: just become a software company

DonFreezer2436d ago

Xenoblade might have been an absolute blast but the Wii U needs more than this to survive.