Will Microsoft make a mesh of its new online platform?

When Bill Gates was giving his final keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, he said: "The second digital decade will be more focused on connecting people. It will be more focused on being user-centric. Microsoft will deliver platforms that will let people build applications. Those applications will run not only on the PC, they'll run up in the internet, or in the cloud, as we say, on the phone, in the car, in the TV."

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TrevorPhillips3866d ago

omg everything u see and post microsoft are involved in it lol

TrevorPhillips3866d ago

its a good thing what there doing finally they make a good decision

wow4u3866d ago

LIVE Mesh is very cool, its almost impossible to get into the beta.

As people get into the beta, it gives you an invite -- there is a site setup to exchange these invites...

I'm trying to get in so I can evaluate it for a project I'm working on. Programmer forums all over the web have threads of people trying to get invitations.