Next Week on the US/CA PSN: January 21st, 2014 – Two PlayStation Plus Free Games

One of the best games you probably missed in 2013, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, becomes one of the two PlayStation Plus free games starting on Tuesday, meaning you don’t have many excuses not to play it anymore.

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AceBlazer133309d ago

Wow ICO is actually leaving the IGC, never thought i'd see the day.

GenericNameHere3309d ago

14 for 14 is ending on Tuesday. Do we know if there's another sale next week? I bought a $20 PSN card, and haven't used it yet. I know I'll get Tales of Xillia for $10. I also want Puppeteer, as it's only $7.50, but if there's another game that might interest, I'll get that instead. If 14 for 14 is the only sales week we get this month, I'll get Puppeteer without hesitating.

moodymofo3309d ago

im glad you mentioned that 14 4 14 ends tuesday cause i wasnt sure when it ended i just assumed it would be at least a couple weeks i beter get on it if im gonna get puppeteer , far cry 3 blood dragon and crysis 3 . ill get a psn card tomorrow

-Ghost3308d ago

Can't wait to try out Brothers

isa_scout3308d ago

Wish the PS4 offerings weren't so thin(as in nothing). Oh well, this may be a good time to finally purchase Trine 2, and I'm still having fun with Don't Starve so there isn't much to complain about... Isn't next months free PS4 game OutLast???

redknight803308d ago

Yeah, next month's PS4 game is indeed Outlast. Definitely looking forward to that!

isa_scout3308d ago

Yeah, I'm going to have so much fun being scared out of my wits. Been to long since I played a proper scary game. Hopefully this generation will see horror return to it's roots. On that note, I'm def excited by what I've seen of the new Alien game as well. I'm really hoping it doesn't turn out like Colonial Marines.

redknight803308d ago

Heck yeah! I really love a good scare, I got a few chills just looking at some random videos of the game on youtube so I bet actually playing the game will be pretty bonkers at points. Can't wait to turn off all lights, get it as pitch black in my room as possible and put the game on high volume...oohhhhh bring it on! The Alien game is indeed looking promising, as well!