New X-Blades screenshots

New screenshots of Ayumi, the sexy thong-wearing heroine of X-Blades, in action. Gaijin Entertainment says the game will be released late this year.

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Laexerias3811d ago

Its Devil May Cry! With a Hot Anime-Ganguro-Looking-Girl!
Look at those Innovative Bars! ... Uhm. No Seariously... It really looks like DMC. This giant big round thing in the left lower corner remembers me on some RPGs, i think Baldurs Gate or somethin? Cant remember so well.
But still, this is one sweet hotness.. i gonna buy it.
Even when it is from Gaijin Entertainment ~_?

[email protected]3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

The game look good. Probably a game that keep me interesting for the end of the year.