EU: Bourne Conspiracy Demo Coming To Live And PSN

Maxconsole Reports

"EU: Bourne Conspiracy demo coming 19 May on Live and PSN 22 May
Sierra Entertainment got in touch to let us know that contrary to some reports, the demo for The Bourne Conspiracy will be available in Europe on the following dates: 19/05/08 Xbox Live Marketplace and 22/05/08 PlayStation Network."

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Fishy Fingers3813d ago

Not keen to be honest, it's like Nathan Drake and Enter the Matrix had a love child.

It also jumps into a 2 second cut after pretty much every major animation, jumping from ledge to ledge stuff like that. At first "hmm thats quite cool...", 10 minutes later "ffs... again...?!".

himdeel3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago ) see how this final project is received. It's an intriguing game and there does seem to be a lot of major animation. After playing through the demo I feel like all of the video I've seen wasn't actual game play in the traditional sense.

I love demos but I also feel like it can make or break a game. Either way, I just don't know about this one, but I'll definitely run through it a lot more before I delete it. It's decent, but I cannot call it fun just yet.

DomUltra3813d ago

God damn it, I hated this demo, avoid at all costs.