Do you trust your game journalists?

There has been some talk over the years about video game journalists and their bias towards certain developer camps or platforms because of the "kickbacks" they may be getting. This includes advertising on their website or even the swag that comes with certain review copies.

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Chubear3866d ago

Not one single editor for any gaming site is trustworthy. That all have a business module they follow to compete with each other and they're all full of crap when it comes to informing the community about gaming in general.

Frag Monger3866d ago

It depends on the source. Some game journalists and even entire sites are known to be 'pro' one system over another or seem to push games from some devs/publishers more than others.

I think readers can tell if the journalist doing the reporting is objective or not.

I always try to be as objective as possible. I have received free game copies for review before, but do my best to not let it influence my review scores. In fact, some of the games I've received for free have received pretty scathing reviews.

taz80803866d ago

That is the thing with movie reviews this doesnt happen, games get sent with alot of swag which some people consider a conflict of interest

Snoozer2823866d ago

We get sent the latest games, but no swag. The only time I got anything free was with Condemned 2, and that was a t-shirt. Didn't stop us giving it a 6.

niall773866d ago

sites like gamespot, Kutaku and as well as any place with a systems title in the URL I would think twice about

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The story is too old to be commented.