Installation for MGS4 may be required and other spoilers write-"It is almost impossible to believe the hype surrounding the MGS4 game. As reported a few days ago one of the mystery characters that makes a stellar comeback in Metal Gear solid 4 is none other than Big Boss himself, and here's the proof included."

Warning Spoilers

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sonarus3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

4.6GB installs. Anything for MGS4:D
That pretty much throws out the data duplication theory on the 50GB game.

Thanks for the spoiler by the way. I really appreciated that

Sev3909d ago

These morons should have put WARNING SPOILERS first.
Not after they list the spoilers.

meepmoopmeep3909d ago

i know! WTF!

spoiler right on the friggin title!


3909d ago
Sev3909d ago

Why did this get approved it had like 15 reports on it?

MADGameR3909d ago

My friend told me 2 weeks ago!

theKiller3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

i cant take it any more, i cant wait, i really excited about his game 100 times more than GTA4!! its the ultimate game for many years to come!!

bid boss, maybe snakes will go to his past to Zanzibar and shadow mosses, and now even to big boss and maybe u will have the chance to fight him also!! f**k i cant take it i really want this game!!!

must be a 360 fanboy who submitted this story, its shame when fanboys goes this far!! but any way i really doubt this is true story, kojima wont allow it to spread before release!

s1lens33909d ago

Damn freaking spoilers, how could this happen. Why did I log in :(.

Milky3909d ago

4.6 gb thats just pisses me off. I have 5 gb left on my hard drive only because of these stupid installs. I know its mgs4 and it will be amazing but its just being unreasonable.

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Condoleezza Rice3909d ago

"Warning Spoilers"

I think you're doing it wrong : |

Vip3r3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

lol I noticed that too. Irony and failure at its finest.

solidt123909d ago

Agreed. I'm mad that I even saw the title. i don't want to know anything else about this game and did not read the article but darn, It looks like the title says it all. butt head!

I probably shouldn't use the internet until after I beat MGS4.

solidt123909d ago

Alright I read the article like a dummy. For those who are worry don't be. This article is total speculation and not fact. Now I am going go put my head in the sand until MGS 4 comes out.

Time Lord3909d ago

i really do, you heard of spoilers?

SPARTAAN3909d ago

don't worry its still not confirmed yet they are just speculating based on one of the photos posted earlier

LaChance3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

EXACTLY do PS3 games have to install ?

Im not into technology and stuff hence why Im never in all the "tech"*
debate on N4G.

I dont really care much whats in the box.

back on topic : why the install ?

sonarus3909d ago

Well from what i understand, the blu ray disc reads a little wierd compared to standard dvd. Some say its slow but some say its not and they pull out facts about this and that. The official explanation is the way the blu ray disc reads is different so the way you load data is different.

The two ways to get around it is data duplication/ or hard drive install

MGS4 being a 50GB game, i guess they chose install over data duplication. But not all PS3 games require install some just go for the data duplication like resistance 1, ratchet and clank, uncharted e.t.c.

gambare3909d ago

why do you care? is not like you want to buy the console and buy the game? you love your 360 go and play it.

heyheyhey3909d ago

because devs know every PS3 has a big HDD sitting there and they want to take advantage of it

the BD drive in the PS3 is only slightly slower than the 12X DVD drive in the 360- and there's also the option of data duplication like sonarus mentioned to cut down loading times

its just a case of devs taking advantage really, PS3 games games don't NEED installs hence why 95% of games don't have one

its just an option that devs occasionally choose to undertake

SUP3R3909d ago

I don't mind.
It adds to the lifespan of the lens if anything.
If there's a readily available hard drive in each console that will help improve performance and load times, why not use it?

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Real gamer 4 life3909d ago

WTF is so hard to stay spoiler free. You guys do this on purpose or what please stop this. Is it impossible to stay spoiler free? Geez i am going to have to stop visiting n4g till the end of june.

Booyah3909d ago

............I am f***ing mad right now at that news !