GTA V Cities Announced

With the success of GTA IV, the search is on for the next city to model the GTA world after. What are the choices? Only Sarcastic Gamer knows, in this exclusive article!

From the story: "Beijing is also major transportation hub. Getting to run around and car jack people deep inside Red China would be quite taboo, especially since the cops are just like the army and will shoot you for looking at them the wrong way, although Rockstar lists this as a positive. The good news is that you will always be able to "third world" someone, since the cops will all be rocking AK-47's. The downside is that due to massive pollution, most people are ridding bicycles, by order of the government. I guess it would be the first copy of the game with a unicycle race."

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Cwalat3866d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo Unlimited
PS3 exclusive (well it has to be, by the time it comes out.. xbox 720 will be announced and no further games will come out for 360)

I would love to see this, and you're some Japaneese dude who gets real bad trouble with the Yakuzeee (newer version of Yakuza :P)

ATLRoAcH3866d ago

...until a GTA game consists of a whole planet. It will be awhile but it sure would be awesome.

Michael Jackson3866d ago

Guys can't you see..

The next GTA is a PS3 exclusive and it's called GTA Home, where you can rape and murder everyone on PSN. That's the real reason Home's been delayed. lol

Kain813866d ago

i will a City bigger than San Andreas with Airplanes and so on.

Panthers3866d ago

I always thought that multiple cities would be cool and the only way to get from one to another would be air planes. I almost thought that is what they did in SA when you had to go to Liberty City at the end, but that was for one mission only :(

Nitrowolf23866d ago

it already confirmed that next GTA is PS3 exclusive.

sl0w-m03865d ago

Where'd you hear that the next GTA is going to be PS3-exclusive? They're obviously not going to release information about the next GTA this early so quit talking out of your asses

liquidsnake3865d ago

I don't really care about multiple cities, I just want one big @ss city. Imagine Vice City in next gen graphics... *drool*.

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Angelitos3866d ago

Next, is to hear GTA5 is PS3 exclusive. GTA5 will be a much better game, if its released exclusively on the PS3, so it could use its superior hardware and features.

wow4u3866d ago

Take your fantasy to the Open Zone.

Panthers3866d ago

Seems pretty sensible to believe that. GTA is selling really well on the PS3 and if PS3 sales continue on the track they are on, it will make sense to only do one system (imagine how much they could cut costs if they did it on one system)

HighDefinition3866d ago

What he said is.... NO fantasy.

A BLURAY exclusive "sandbox" game would be insane.....since Sandbox games are required to be on ONE disc. Racing games, aswell.

Silellak3866d ago

I almost hope GTA5 is PS3-exclusive, if only so we won't have to suffer through another hundred 'EXCLUSIVE COMPARISON VIDEOS!!!'

eagle213866d ago

They need to get over ambitious. Try out a foreign country, revolutionize the gameplay, make it on ONE console. I think we know which one :D

100GB disc???? :D

HighDefinition3866d ago

Silellak, you hate hearing about it. I know.

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americanGTA3866d ago

Dan houser said it himself.
It will be in vice city

wow4u3866d ago

Got a link for that sparky?

Arsenic133866d ago

When was this ? Im pretty sure it would be top news.

PoSTedUP3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago ) CHECK THIS SH!T OUT!!! read the whole thing please