How the ESA Protects the Right to Play Video Games

An in-depth look at the roles of the ESA and ESRB within the gaming industry, particularly how they relate to the MPAA and other regulatory bodies.

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thegamereviews3816d ago

I encourage anyone that cares about the right to play whatever they want to join this :)

predator3816d ago

i will defo consider joining if my girlfriend's pc would bloody work and load the dam page!!!!!!!!!! arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!

DomUltra3816d ago

Anything that relates to the ESRB or MPAA, fυck you, seriously.

Nick27283816d ago

I think that both the ESRB and ESA are not only worthwhile institutions but necessary ones for, although many parties do exaggerate the danger posed by the content found in video games, there is a lot of very disturbing and downright weird stuff out there that some(kids below the age of 10 for instance) should not be allowed to see no matter how cool they think it will make them look with their friends.

It may not always be perfect but, hey, they're only human.

aubradley3816d ago

The ESA and ESRB still do a good job. I'd rather have the industry self-regulate than allow the government to step in.