People Not Lining Up For PS3 (Japan)

IGN can report today that no one has started to line up for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. This is based on a tour they took today of Tokyo's biggest game shops. That's right, the Bics, the Yodobashis, the Tsutayas, the Sakurayas, the Don Quixotes. No matter where they looked, no one was lining up for the 11/11 launch.

Tut6408d ago

And that proves the citizens of Japan are not as needy/idiotic as the citizens of America!

Or it's going to tank (highly doubtful).

shysun6408d ago

You didn't even read it did you?They are turning ppl away from lining up.One store has a crazy lotto system(you get a ticket and they hold a drawing) to stop the long lines.The Wii lines are for Pre-orders not for the launch line ups!.....you ppl :(

Tut6408d ago (Edited 6408d ago )

No, I didn't Shy. The first sentence of my comment was entirely sarcastic and the second was just poking fun.

I wouldn't take it personally =)

shysun6408d ago

Well you forgot to add the Sarcasm part.We can't read minds you know!:(

Tut6408d ago

I know =/

I hate text for that very reason. It is insanely difficult to perceive meaning when there is no tone or hint of context =(

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LiquifiedArt6408d ago

is so lame...rather just keep the ps2.

God of Gaming6408d ago

News finally got to Japan that NBA Live 07 was cancelled for the PS3. They love that NBA over there!

THAMMER16408d ago

It's goin DOWN. We have people in line here and it is 7 days away. And in Japan no one is hype. Looks bad.

shysun6408d ago

Read the damn article! :(

andy capps6408d ago (Edited 6408d ago )

Yes, read the article. One store is doing a lottery system, the others are telling people to leave that started to line up yesterday and today. They want them to start the lines tomorrow, apparently. It's going to be crazy over there.