TeamXbox: Most Overrated Games

TeamXbox writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV is the greatest and best game in the world, so say the professional gaming critics of Internet land. The cash registers rarely lie either; their story is also convincing for those deeming Rockstar's latest the crème de la crème of Xbox video games. Surely there are those that would argue GTA IV's omnipotence, but we've yet to hear them speak up; it's been a 10-fest thus far for one of the-if not the-most dominant IPs in video gaming.

We are all well aware that opinions are like a certain part of the human anatomy, and that the objective differences of said opinions are what make things such as presidential election debates and lengthy video-game forum threads interesting. In that spirit, and in light of's first ever 10 given to GTA IV, we felt a most overrated games compilation was in full order."

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The Closing3907d ago

Every single halo, and gta game besides gta 3.

DomUltra3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Halo 2 and 3 deserve to be on there (although only Halo 2 is there), Splinter Cell yes. They forgot to add Forza. Skate is and was innovative, better than the Tony Hawks that for damn sure. I totally agree with Guitar Hero 3, it wasn't that great and a direct rehash other than boss battles, that coupled with over-complicating simple songs was just downright hilarious.

The only games that deserve praise are Gears of War, Bioshock and Mass Effect.

SuicidalTendencies3907d ago

I think the term "overrated" is overrated. I'm really getting tired of hearing it. Instead of saying "overrated", why not say what you really mean, which is, I don't like this game. To say a game is overrated is being arrogant. Your opinion means nothing to the masses. I hate most Final Fantasy games but I know it has a fan base is popular. Does that mean I have the right to call that franchise overrated? No, it doesn't. What I find to be crap other people think is gold.

Nevers3907d ago

What the hell are you doing on this site... you make too much sense 8P