Skylander: Swap Force and Call of Duty: Ghosts Continue Sales Dominance

Activision has released a press releases which claims continued sales domination for Skyland: Swap Force and Call of Duty: Ghosts especially amongst the Playstation 4 and Xbox One systems.

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Garethvk1732d ago

I would love to know exactly what the sales are now for COD. I aske the pr reppoint blank if it has sold better than Black Ops 2 and they would not answer.

Garethvk1732d ago

How can you disagree with a fact? Are you saying I did not ask them or that they did not answer as I have the e-mail to confirm both.

ELpork1732d ago

Shame, cus Ghosts was terrible.

imXify1732d ago

It's not that terrible, it's just boring as hell.

ELpork1732d ago

Ehhh, IDK, After black ops 2...

Garethvk1732d ago

The game was fine, had a great ending. But the multiplay is a mess. The PC version is not optimized well, the maps are way to big, far to much camping and hacking, and yes, maps are dull as well.

ELpork1732d ago

NO! That ending was TERRIBLE!

"Love ya bro" pfffttt... That whole thing was strung together in such a bad Hollywood fashion. They could have done SO MUCH MORE with it then what they did. I hate to keep bringing up BLOPS, but man, at least they tried something.

Granted, yes, Ghosts was hamstrung by coming out on every system known to man, but still, it was just... Ghhuurrr, every IW storyline from MW3 forward has been boring as hell.

Garethvk1732d ago

Interesting, I actually liked it as it caught me off guard and ended the minimal debate of if Ghosts 2 would be the next IW game. But yes there were issues. For me you can look at so many people from IW being gutted and having three companies working on one game. Throw in the heavily modified engine and other changes and the tight window for production and you can see how the game had some issues. Now I am curious about the new DLC especially the FOG map where you can play as Michael Myers.

FreakdoutKid1732d ago

and they say COD is dying