TeamXbox: NCAA Football 09 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "The raw excitement and rabid fanfare for collegiate sports is one of those uniquely American experiences. While people in other parts of the world go to college to learn something and actually prepare for their future lives, American teens generally go to college to learn how to do keg stands, eat on ten dollars a week and scream like maniacs with a hundred thousand similarly clad fellow students on Saturday afternoon. It's often referred to as "the best time of your life" for a number of reasons. Attending college football games. Something you can enjoy your whole post-beer bong adult life.

EA Sports has been capturing that residual joy of college for years now with the NCAA Football series. Thought of by some as a "little brother" to Madden, a franchise that has shared a lot of its technology over the years, NCAA has always held its own though, even surpassing the flagship title certain years in quality. For 09, it looks like they're taking the ain't broke/don't' fix mentality and adding smaller upgrades to the game. At least compared to what EA Sports is doing with Madden. It seems like more attention was put into the Wii version, which is fine because it is actually fun, and they're making the game really accessible, which could be great for parties. Still, NCAA for the Xbox 360 is that same experience you've come to know and love, plus some updates that should put enough shine on the game to make it interesting."

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