Gamedaily - Impressions: Metal Gear Online - Solid Snake goes online, and we've got the heads-up

Gamedaily writes: "When Metal Gear Solid 4 releases for the PlayStation 3 next month, players won't only experience Solid Snake's finale. They'll also gain access to a separate game called Metal Gear Online (MGO), where they can compete against others using sneaky skills and weapon upgrades. After a mild setback, Konami successfully launched the beta for Metal Gear on the PlayStation 3 in the United States last week. We were able to get in on the action and came away somewhat impressed.

Metal Gear Online takes the same kind of approach as other conventional online action games. You're assigned to a team and given the task of taking on a rival faction in a number of matches. Death Match is a given, requiring you to wipe out the opposition through strategy and cunning. Base Mission has your team securing several territories on a game map in order to win the round. Sneaking Mission, a recent addition to the beta, is a little different. One player controls Solid Snake as he runs around and collects dog tags, while his teammates distract the others to avoid his capture. Finally, there's Capture Mission, a variation of Capture the Flag."

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