Gamedaily: Boom Blox Review - Steven Spielberg's latest is one of the best games on Wii and a must buy

Gamedaily writes: "Creating a successful puzzle game from scratch is incredibly tough, especially if you're a newcomer to the industry. However, we figured that if anyone could put smarts into a puzzle game, it would be film director Steven Spielberg. Here's a guy who's told a number of stories over the years, from one revolving around a killer shark to another introducing a world-famous archaeologist. To no one's surprise, he pulled off his video game debut with great aplomb, thanks to some assistance from EA Los Angeles. Boom Blox simply piles on the fun.

The set-up is relatively simple. You start the game by coordinating a save file with a rectangular animal, be it a penguin, a cow or something else, and then go to work. Boom Blox offers three modes in all – Play, Party and Create. Play features a variety of challenges to tackle in single-player, including Adventure, where you assist or defeat on-screen characters. It also features Explore, where you learn the tools of Blox's trade and use them to your advantage. Knocking Chemical Blox into each other, for example, causes a screen-shaking explosion that may or may not knock over other blocks. Explosive Blox are obviously more effective, blowing up automatically on contact."

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