Gamesradar Target: Terror review (1/10)

Michael Gapper writes:

''The credits list betrays their terrible secret. Many years from now, members of the Target: Terror development team will recount that fateful evening in the summer of 2004 when Target: Terror's boss, Eugene Jarvis (of Narc and Cruis'n USA fame), sent down the order: Dave - bring in your bright red boiler suit; Gina - go get those PVC hotpants you wore to the Christmas party. And all of you - bring your sunglasses. The next day would be the day a small group of programmers would become the world's least threatening terrorists in a lightgun shooter almost as bad as any game could ever be. The next day would be Dress Like a Terrorist Day.''

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Harry1903812d ago

while playing this game:let the bad guys win.

SlyGuy3786d ago

those screenshots look more REAL than Killzone2! DAMN impressive!

(lol sarcasm)