Videogamer: Iron Man Review

Videogamer writes: "You'd think we'd have all learnt our lesson by now. Do not, no matter how good a game looks prior to release, believe that a movie licensed video game is going to be good. It's a simple rule to follow, but one that we find ourselves breaking over and over again. Iron Man is SEGA's video game of the recently released, highly successful and pretty darn good movie of the same name. We followed the game from a distance leading up to its release and we fell into SEGA's trap. We couldn't help but believe that the nice looking flying sections, blasting helicopters from the sky and grabbing missiles and turning them on enemies would be cool. We were wrong.

The game is based on the movie so it does contain spoilers if you're worried about that kind of thing. With that said, the game starts some way into the movie, and you only ever play as a suited up Tony Stark, beginning in the Mark I and Mark II suits before being given the proper red and gold suit that the movie makes look so cool. The first few levels are little more than training for the main event, although once you've completed those training missions you've seen pretty much all the game has to offer - as you'll be doing what amounts to the same things over and over again."

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