Sony's Email Customer Service Is Extremely Unhelpful

The Consumerist reports:

''Reader Dustin had a question about his PS3, so he emailed Sony. Now he's starting to suspect that they don't actually read the emails people send...''

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Area_513867d ago

if he has a "question" more then likely he can find the answer on the playstation boards, or a quick google search.

This is so FAKE

DomUltra3866d ago

So instead of going on the boards, or even better Calling Sony directly *SHOCK!!!!* he gets an e-mail from forum moderators asking them to politely follow the FAQ or call.... What a dumb shіt.

KillahCam3866d ago

Thats the sh!t that makes me mad Sony takes all our money (lots of it by the way) and can't even answer my emails? Sony gotta get their Sh!t together.

DomUltra3866d ago

Your an idiot, straight up.

Dark_Overlord3866d ago

and very fast to reply, within 24 hours for each question ive asked. I'm referring to the UK one