Anyone Else Call Shenanigans on Brett Favre Making the Cover of Madden?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Is it just me or does naming a retired player, Brett Favre, to the cover of your franchise game title a bit odd? Why change up the formula after all these years of getting current athletes on your cover?"

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taz80803812d ago

The Madden curse is so strong that it will kill Favre somehow.

taz80803812d ago

We need ESPN to come back to the consoles

Jamegohanssj53811d ago

Bret Favre is the best football player ever.

The Genius has spoken.

PoSTedUP3811d ago

nah he deserve to be on the cover

CNIVEK3811d ago

IT'S A F#@KING TRIBUTE! Brett Favre is one of the most beloved NFL players of ALL TIME. He is also one of the most successful, and hardest working ANY postion.

They broke tradition, because they wanted to honor a true hero to "the game". Perhaps it didn't occur to this moron, that EA didn't PUT players on the cover, back when Favre was in his rookie/early years. John Madden HIMSELF insisted on the being the coverboy, until 2001...WELL into Favre's career.