First PlayStation Network Pricing Revealed

Sony has cleared things up regarding the pricing set for one of the downloads set to go live on 11/11 on the PlayStation Network. No, we didn't get the date wrong, it's for Japan.

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calderra4458d ago

Geo Wars: ~$4, under 50mb
PS3 competitor: ~$7, almost 100mb


TheMART4458d ago

I think the question is not how much data you get for the money, but how good the content is.

And you're still paying almost double for about the same game. Although game preview sites already said Geo Wars is better

Tut4458d ago

I am suprised no one has made a comparison between the higher priced PS3 content and the cost of XBox Live yet.

I am sure I am instigating it but I would like a good belly laugh today.

Har har har!

TheMART you are right about the quality of the content and not quantity, but quantity does come into play if quality is equal or near equal to similar products. It will actually usually be the deciding factor. BUT, quality is all perception and personal opinion. What is good to you could be complete crap to someone else and vice-versa.

kmis874458d ago

The ps3 content does have the advantage of being 1080p, and they can all go over the 50MB limit that MS has imposed, resulting in larger, more technical arcade style games. Plus that comes into effect when games like Lumines on Live are split up and cost more to get the whole package. On the ps3 the entire game could be presented as a whole, and would therefore be cheaper.

It's definitely a tradeoff. For ps3 arcade games to compete, they're gonna still have to be extremely polished, as there is less of a limit to the content that is possible than with the 360 arcade. With higher expectations comes higher prices, but the games have the potential to do more. I think in either case, people will be able to find the games they want, and at the current prices, I don't think anybody, 360 or ps3, can really complain too much.

One question I have left though, is if that $7 figure is the final price point, or if they just get that from the conversion. If there's no basis for that $7, than this arguing is a bit premature, as it could cost less and sell for $5, or cost more and sell for $10.

Arkham4458d ago

It's too early to tell, but historically North American prices have not been a 1:1 match with their Japanese counterparts.

DJ4458d ago

...I wanna say something underhanded, but I'll refrain. I mean, I know they don't want Gigabyte titles being downloaded, but 50Mb is a bit small.

kmis874457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

It's because Core players need to be able to store content on the 50MB cards, hence the limit. That's also one of the reasons why some games like Lumines have been split up, because it would be difficult to fit all the required audio and other assets in 50MB. That's only for some games though.

DJ4457d ago

The core unit. Forgot. It all makes sense now.

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