Wii sales predicted to hit 100 million by 2010

The Wii sells are predicted to hit 100 million by 2010. At the current rate of sales and the gathering momentum experts believe that the Wii will hit the 100 million milestone, and may even surpass the playstation 2 in sales. The Wii stands at 24.45 million sales as of march 31'st 2008.

The Wii's sales have already overtaken that of its predecessor the 'Nintendo gamecube' the worst selling Nintendo home console of all time, and has nearly overtaken the 'Nintendo 64'. It is only about 25 million units away from overtaking the Super Nintendo entertainment system. The best selling Nintendo home console of all time is the Famicom or 'Nintendo entertainment system', currently at 61.9 million sales as of march 2006.

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TheFreak3814d ago

the wii will become the new ps2 who will dominate the is a machine for both hardcore and casual gamers and that is why it will win.props too nintendo.

wyvernsmasher3814d ago

i agree with you especially with monster hunter coming to wii

i'm sure in a few minutes dozens of people will reply to you stating thousands of so called "reasons" why you're wrong

they should rename N4G, N4F (news 4 fanbois) lol

BubblesDAVERAGE3814d ago

Give me a hardcore wii game....mario galaxy ...spare me plz

gaffyh3814d ago

100 Million sales by 2010 is a little too optimistic, the Wii has taken this long to get to 25 Million, the momentum is more than likely to decrease (which it is a little) not increase.

I can only see Monster Hunter Wii increasing sales for the Wii dramatically in Japan, I don't think anything else will unless Square Enix makes a really good Final Fantasy for them.

Silellak3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Define hardcore.

No, seriously. Define it.

Does it need to be about war?

Or blood?

Or have swearing?

What makes a game hardcore vs. casual?

The only logical thing I can think of is "difficulty", and there are very few truly "difficult" games left on ANY platform this generation.

Genesis53814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

The Wii is for kids. Not very many adult gamers have the Wii as their primary gaming console. Can it reach 100 mil in a year and a half. Not likely. It will need to sell 4 1/2 million consoles a month till 2010.

Xiru3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Lol casual and hardcore? Best recheck the statement.

ItsDubC3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Being *for* kids is not necessarily the same as being kid-friendly. It's interesting that whenever someone says that the Wii is for kids, no supporting evidence ever accompanies the statement.

EDIT @ Genesis below:

I agree actually, 100 million by 2010 seems very optimistic to me, even if we're talking about Dec 31st 2010.

Genesis53814d ago


Yes you're right. Kid friendly is a much better way to describe it. My apologies. But as for reaching 100 million in the next 1 1/2 years. I really don't think so.

CrazzyMan3814d ago

if Wii makes 40 mln. by the end of this year +
next 2 years = 24 months * 2,5 mln. = 60 mln. =)

BUT, nintendo is forgeting, that MOST nintendo fans already bought Wii,
sales in Japan already going below 40k.
And wave of wii fit, wii kart, ssbb in Europe and Usa also will end in near future..
What next? Maybe nintendo has some suprises, which will show on E3.. but for now, 3rd parties? oh come on..
Then what? all those great games which didn`t make ps2 owners to jump on GC? Why these games will make now? Just because of controls? I am not sure, really, 125 mln. ps2 owners going not after HD, but after controls.. it`s hard to believe, really.
Time will show, will ps2 owners stay away from GTA4, MGS4, FFXIII, GT5, KZ2, Tekken 6, GoW3 just for controls and some party fun.. =))

bigjclassic3814d ago

for reality reasons:


Hardcore games are games that have cult followings. ie.
ZELDA and METROID!! The list goes on and on. It seems like this generation of gamers are all brainwashed or are from the PSone era.

Thats the way gaming has always been until now. Back then only certain games were "hardcore" because a small sect of gamers would always support there game. Now if a game has cursing and guns its hardcore? That's more like a fad to me.
*goes to play Shenmue on dc*

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Tempist3814d ago

I doubt that it'll hit 100 million in the next two years. The Wii Trend will slow down soon enough. There's not much incentive for many to buy a Wii, and nothing super big has really been happening with it (Wii Fit aside).

100 Million eventually. In two years, no way.

wyvernsmasher3814d ago

i dunno how many wiis have sold already so i can't say whether i agree with you or not

anyway i think that a game that might help those sales would be monster hunter wii, i don't know how it would do in the west but recently in japan the latest mh for psp had sold 2mill + in 29 days, so mh wii will no doubt sell like hot cakes over there. i hope it will catch on over here though its a wonderful game series thats very underated atm

Voiceofreason3814d ago

Only thing big on Wii is Wii fit? No reason to buy one at all? Wow dude you have some serious denial issues there.

wyvernsmasher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

denial issues?, if you're referring to the last sentence i wrote i was talking about monster hunter

anyway that game will be big in japan no doubt but in the us and uk the series hasn't sold as well. but i'm hoping monster hunter 3 on the wii does, mh(monster hunter) is alot of fun

i hope this clears up any mis-understanding

oh an monster hunter 3 will be out sometime 09

ItsDubC3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I believe Voiceofreason was responding to Tempist actually.

EDIT @ below:

No prob wyvernsmasher =) Welcome to N4G btw.

wyvernsmasher3814d ago

i'm sorry i completely mis-understood you i thought you where talking to me, reading it again i understand now

thank you very much itsDUBc for the heads up

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DomUltra3814d ago Show
DomUltra3814d ago Show
ItsDubC3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

100 million in 2 yrs seems a bit much to me but the Wii doesn't have enough in common w/ previous consoles in terms of appeal and potential to bring about new ideas for me to make historical comparisons and state definitively that it will not sell 100 million units in that timeframe.

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