Is Haze A PS3 Time-Exclusive After All?

Game Focus writes: "If you downloaded the Haze demo yesterday off of the Playstation Network and after you finished the very short demo there is a message about the game which says..."

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Neurotoxin3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Yeah i saw the message and wondered.... for about 4 seconds and then really didn`t care anyway. This game will not sell systems, its good but in all honesty the only way FR are going to make money is if they Port it to the 360 as well.

For those wondering who haven`t played the game it says something along the lines of

"4-Player Co-op exclusive to PS3", basically its implying that the online is PS3 exclusive, not the game itself.

Fishy Fingers3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Could be anything. Could mean on 4 player split screen exclusive to PS3.

But like you said, who cares, I played the demo and that was more than enough for me. GTA will keep me going until MGS so I dont really believe my purchase would be justified from the amount of time I'd probably spend on this game.

Might pick it up at a later date or if my firends pick it up and seem to enjoy it. Frankly, Id probably complete it once and that would be that.

Still, I'm sure this is going to appeal to quite a few people, especially thanks to that co-op so give it a try before you write it off.
Its not to my taste but that doesnt mean it wont be to yours.

Ju3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Could also mean there is no other 4 player co-op campaign on the PS3 at this time (not counting UT3).

BTW: Split screen is 2 player (+2 more online), not 4 way split screen.

gaffyh3813d ago

Could be...don't really care anymore after playing the demo, Ubisoft have been very lazy with this game, the graphics are OK at best, and the physics are worse than Turok and that game was a pile of crap.

marinelife93813d ago

Move along folks nothing to see here.

Tomdc3813d ago

The demo was created last year, presumably when it was only a timed exclusive.

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paul_war3813d ago

Who knows, this could be taken in many different ways.

The exclusiveness has been emphasised a lot in interviews with Free Radical though.

Sangria3813d ago

Whatever if the game is ported or not, Haze isn't good enough to be enjoyed of its port.

shysun3813d ago

I thought the demo was pretty darn good. I'll be picking it up on the 20th.

Gandhi693813d ago

Agreed Sagria..

I was looking forward to this game until I played the Demo.

Poor graphics, the absurd 'nectar' gameplay mechanic thats been done about a million times now... and perhaps some of worst and corniest voice acting since the ps1 resident evil days.

Kaneda3813d ago

This game is just average... but it is not COD4... COD4 still way better..

DFresh3813d ago

It's been 100% confirmed that Haze is PS3 exclusive.
So this article is lying.

pp3813d ago

Keep the crap game on the crap ps3 that where it belongs

gambare3813d ago

like vampire rain? that was was super crap designed for the 360, the sales were so low even with the myth of the "superior" fanbase that the devs decided to port that crap to the PS3, so don't talk about crap that the 360 have a ton of crap.

atcsharp3813d ago

I dont need a blurry FPS.