Racism in Resident Evil 5? We think not...

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude: "Cast your mind back to E3 2007. The Resident Evil 5 trailer was shown for the first time to the masses.

I have a question for you.

What did you see when you watched the trailer?

I will answer that question myself before this article is finished, but let's just put this trailer in the correct frame to begin with..."

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HighDefinition3909d ago

The setting for this game will turn out to be the best one. I forget if it`s Haiti or Africa, either way. I`m black and I welcome the new location, I like how the story travels all over the world.

BTW GTAIV actually says the word "n**ger" in the game and while it doesn`t bother me, I haven`t seen/heard one story about that. It doesn`t bother me`s realistic.

RE5 will be GREAT.

PirateThom3909d ago

Exactly, I think it's Haiti, and what would be more racist is if you ignored the fact the population is mostly black and had it set in Haiti with mostly white zombies.

AngryHippo3909d ago

....agree with you. I think Resident Evil 5 will be a fantastic game, and the new location will make for a really different Resident Evil experience, due to heat and light affecting your character in different ways. I cant wait. Whoever says this game is racist is just ignorant, i dont understand what the problem with having black people in a game when the game is set in a predominantly black country. Ridiculous. Game will be fantastic, just a shame its still a looooooonnnnng way off.

Skerj3909d ago

It's Africa, they said they decided to move the game to "the birthplace of humanity" to discover the origins of the virus. Now if that's the G/T virus or the Las Plagas from RE4 I don't know.

ban fans3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

What are we supposed to do? Make some games featuring white people and some for black people? That's racist! Being against racism means equality. Equality means you get treated the same regardless of color, religion, or anything else.

This is kind of a side note, but I do have a point.
I find it funny people who make these types of "I'm against racism" comments are the same people who would laugh at Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy making fun of (read pointing out the truth, albeit exaggerated a little!) white people, but if the tables are turned, call Rev. Sharpton, we have a racist white comedian on stage!

My point is this; you can't have only the good parts of equality, you have to take it all in order to be truly equal. That means you can picked on for your race's stereotypes (provided it is not done maliciously, of course) or ,yes, even be zombies in a video game and have your head blown off.

The people who look at the trailer and immediately notice the color of the characters are the racists. I, personally, didn't even notice until I started to read about the game. Besides, don't zombies generally have a kind of dark, grimy, grayish, non-race sort of quality any way?

It is kind of like calling Heavenly Sword sexist because the female protagonist is beating up on all men with her "twing twang" buddy! Foolish and pointless.

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Mr_Bun3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

It doesn't matter what the backdrop is for any long as there are white vs black (or any other ethicities), it will always be deemed racist by the minority. White people have died in video games more times then Britney Spears has done something moronic! GTA S.A. was deemed racist 'cause you had a black male shooting white cops and other white people. It doesn't seem to matter what the situation is, you will have some minority cry racism.

criticalzero3909d ago

Yeah exactly...When you kill white people it's o.k....When you have white people doing bad things,every thing's fine...Ass soon as you put Blacks in the middle they claim it to be racist.....The people who claim this to be racist are bigger ones themselves

Mr_Bun3909d ago

the funniest part is that Capcom (which is responsible for the RE franchise) is Japanese in origin!

DomUltra3909d ago

Racism in video games, ridiculous, you give realistic depiction of the population, accurate to geography and all of a sudden it's racist. Only dumbasses comprehend it this way. Like when Yahtzee brought up Uncharted being racist, although he's completely ignoring the fact that the game is giving an accurate representation of the pop on a geographical level, hell Uncharted represents all ethnicity's, every person from every race is basically in Uncharted.

7h3ultim8p003909d ago

No, just no. We were over this,