New games TV series coming to Bravo

Former Gamer.TV man heads up Playr, which will be aired over weekends.

A new television series aimed at gamers will begin airing in the UK this week on cable and satellite channel Bravo.

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titntin3904d ago

Hooray! It gamerTV back, except they've had to call it something dofferent for copyright reasons!

I'm setting my sky+ box to record it now... :)

CumQuats3904d ago

They could have gotten around that by calling it "Gaymer TV".
It would have seemed more appropiate since it's airing on Bravo.

MaximusPrime3904d ago

that logo looks almost identical to playTV. lol

Lucreto3904d ago

It seems good I taped it last week, the new announcer is far more entertaining.