Burnout Paradise coming to PC

Criterion Games has today announced that the award-winning Burnout Paradise is being rebuilt specifically for the PC. The game will be the first Burnout title ever made for the PC, offering expanded multiplayer, enhanced online features and community driven content.

The PC version promises to combine all the elements from the home console versions with new gameplay made for the PC.

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Snoozer2823866d ago

Interesting to see a console only developer go the other way for once, and decide to expand to the PC.

d3M0N3866d ago

Great News! Can't wait for podcast! We will see in-game screens in 4 hours. Check it out too!

MaximusPrime3866d ago

good news for Wii and PC gamers.

Im sure vast majority of Wii owners have PC too. Enjoy this fantastic game.

MK_Red3866d ago

Great news. A lot of my PC gamer friend has fallen in love with Burnout over the years and they can finally enjoy the uber-awesomeness of Burnout. Paradise is coming!

RiseOfMonster3866d ago

Hmmm, I guess they'll include an overly complicated, albeit useless, alchemy system. Plus integrate hierarchical trade routes with Liberty City; of course it will include a fluctuating reputation system to prevent total conquest through trade alone. :p

SilPho3866d ago

Er........ what on earth are you talking about? You've left me confused at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.