Breaking the PC vs Console Gamer Myth

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away……..well, ok, the 80's. Publisher and developers decided to divide the gaming population into two categories. PC gamers and console gamers. PC gamers were people that liked in depth fun-with-spreadsheets type games and console gamers wanted action, action, and more action.

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kingme713908d ago

I like the PC for playing RTS's and 360 exclusives that wind up on Windows. I prefer sitting on my couch with a big screen over a monitor at my desk any day though.

Chauncey3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Console all the way for me right now. I bought a xbox360 and got a gamefly subscription for a fraction of what it would have cost me to buy a new computer. My computer sucks big time but the only thing I use it for (besides email and internet) was playing games. So for me it seemed the right time to make the break and go console.

It's been awesome. Got GTA4 from gamefly the day it released and decided to keep it for $48. Sweet deal!

So now I couch it in front of the wide screen too and love it.

Gorgon3908d ago

In the 80's people were playing on the Commodores Amiga and Atari ST, not the PC, which sucked. The PC only surpassed the Amiga in the 90's. All PC games were basically on the Amiga, plus we had all the Amiga stuff the PCs didn't have. Good days...

Horny Melon3907d ago

The most popular PC's at the time were made by Tandy, Commodore, and Apple.

Gorgon3907d ago

Sure, but the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST were not considered PCs. They were looked upon as game machines, although they were certainly full-blown PCs. And they had virtually all the PC games plus tons more. PC gaming in the 80s??? A joke.

Horny Melon3907d ago

Kings quest, Space quest, Leisure Suit Larry, I remember tons of PC games from the 80's

Gorgon3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Yes, but they were all on the amiga too, and looked far better. In 1989 you had CGA and EGA graphics in the vast majority of PCs. That's 4 and 16 colors if I remember correctly...

I got a PC in 1990 that was pretty OK for the time. It was CGA. 4 colors. Looked like crap compared to what my Amiga displayed. Amiga owners at that time just laughed at PCs. I know, I was one of them (lol). It took untill 1994 or such for the PC to really surpass the Amiga.

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BoneMagnus3908d ago

RTS games were the last genre to make the transition to consoles, and while I won't argue that the controls are equal to a PC for RTS games, you get used to it and can play quite well.

Sure I'm missing out on a few PC exclusives, but nothing has come out to justify the price of buying even a reasonably priced gaming PC.

That's just me.

Horny Melon3907d ago

Spore is the only title that makes me even think about buying a gaming PC, but I'll wait to see if it gets ported.