We are number one, says Activision

Activision has published results for the 2008 financial year and declared itself the biggest publisher in the whole of America.

The company made USD 2.9 billion in net revenues - up 92 per cent over the previous year. Net income stood at USD 344.9 million, up from USD 85.8 million. Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4 did particularly well, both passing the billion dollar mark in sales.

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Montrealien3817d ago

And then went on to say, Thank you BLizzard and Guitar Hero.

DomUltra3817d ago

Meh Activision, we're not saying you don't deliver, but your just that guy, who's there, not really in, or out of the way.

Syko3817d ago

I think they are confusing people giving them the finger lately, with being number 1.

eddierivera3817d ago

But seriously thats the only game they got. I play real guitar, not some phoney guitar hero, and Blizzard was good when warcraft was a RTS. I miss the old war craft. MMO's are for losers who dont have a real life, so they gotta find one on WOW.

DomUltra3817d ago

If you actually didn't have your head up in your ass GTA4 topped Live as the number one game played.

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