Mirror's Edge won't be in 1080p, DICE confirms

DICE's new Parkour FPS will be in 720p on 360 and PS3.

Speaking to at Sony's recent PlayStation Day event in London, DICE's general manager Sean Decker said that while gamers can expect "crisp, clear texture resolutions" in certain situations both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game will be displayed in the high definition minimum of 720p.

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Kain813813d ago

Because of the limitation of DVD??

Capt CHAOS3813d ago

Go do some research..

1080p is damn hard to push a game and get a decent frame rate. The 360 AND the PS3 are most definitely incapable of delivering this kind of performance, unless maybe it's a static image with simple animation..

meyers3813d ago

"The 360 AND the PS3 are most definitely incapable of delivering this kind of performance"

I love it when Xbox fans try to pull this little wording trick of trying to imply the 360 is somehow has the same league as the PS3!

The idiotic 10 megs of EDRAM that framebuffers are forced to fit into on the 360 is the major reason why the 360 can't handle 1080p games. The 360 is essentially a machine designed to run 480p games. A 4xAA 480p framebuffer fits perfectly in 10 megs of EDRAM. Anything higher and you are forced to either give up decent AA or waste time and performance with a tile based renderer.

One of the major reasons the 360 is a nightmare for developers to program on. the too small for 720p/1080p EDRAM is by the dumbest hardware design ever in a console.

The PS3 has no such idiotic hardware design and much higher effective fillrate/pixel pushing power and handles 1080p games just fine - even if it does make Xbox fans angry and induce feelings of inadequacy.

Doctor Who3812d ago

Isn't GT5:Prologue for the Ps3 '1080p 60 fps' ?
Are any xbox360 games in '1080p 60 fps' ? I don't know im just asking

meyers3812d ago

Just to name a few:

Ninja Gaiden
The Darkness
MLB The Show
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Various sports games

green3812d ago

Boogie Bunnies [Xbox Live Arcade]
Fifa Street Home Court
Virtual Tennis 3

Those are the only ones i can think off that are native 1080p on the 360

nambo3812d ago

That was one of the dumbest rants I've heard on this site; and there are a lot. I suppose the superior PS3 architecture is the reason why GTA IV runs at a lower resolution on the PS3 than it does on the 360. Get a grip on reality: more developers are having harder time developing for the PS3 than the 360.

i Shank u3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

meyers, since you sound like you know; why does GTA IV on 360 run in 720p with AA, and the ps3 version is 640P and uses a filter for AA? how about Dark Sector; 360 version = AA and 720P, PS3 version = 630P and blur-type filter used for AA. MGS4 online beta - 654P? (its some weird res.) what you said does not match up, and besides that, your comment was so fanboy-wee-tawded i could see the PS logo in your eyes.

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thor3813d ago

Well at least it's in HD (I'm looking at you Haze, Halo, COD4)
Wait no I play COD4 at 1200P lol :D

poos33813d ago

why was the poos station 3 ever made it is holding back games as alwyas just look at gta which to me was a great game but had nothin new and could barely run on my freinds ps3 and was a 630p rezzz and had crap framrate compared to my 360 version , any way i read at a lot of sites its been confirmed the ps3 version is running in 630prezz ,while the 360 version is running in true 720 hd what a joke that is right ps3 games cant even run games in hd anymore when games gets complexed (the only complex game on the ps3 is gta 4) it seems like the ps3 fails to handle it, i think that why all ps3 exclusive are cookie cutter tbh the just bore me ,today you guys will glimse at something i don't think the ps3 could achieve gears of war is a gem you don't under there is no next gen game and p.s i always thought the 360 +ps3 were a pile of crap compared to my pc and i have played thousands of games and the in terms of game there is no next gen "console" game that comes close to gears of war 1 when playing with the 360 console it feels godly the controls the strategy the maneuvers look beautiful that games gives u freedom (if you have skills ) to do what ever you want i would say its a new type of gameplay i have never seen in anygame not to mention when i 1st played gears of war 1 i hated it i didn't get why there was no weapon hud it felt hard but after 2 or 3 days ,this game is better that gta 4 and believe you me epic have put all there cookies into gears of war 2 this company is over a century old ppl forgot ut1 goty ut3 goty and now gears of war 1 which goty believe u me today sony fans will be amazed to see what the crappy 360 can do and believe you me it will overshadow everything after the gameplay footage is released remember gears of war 1 when it was shown good day.

Bigol3812d ago

Wow, zero punctuation!! :D

Sir Ken Kutaragi3812d ago

...when they stop making games for the xBox 360!!!
It's just SOOOOOOOOOO holding back the PS3!!!
The day is coming soon(Look at the Monthly Sale's of Consoles)!!! ;-P

360 man3813d ago

wow a ps3 game thats actually running HD

Amanosenpai3812d ago

Wow a "360 man" actually saying BS

¬_¬... Theres a good library of 1080 res games on ps3.

pp3813d ago

great because of ps3 limitations, xbox360 has to suffer

THE TERMINATOR3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Other way round
GT5 prologue 1080p 60 fps
Nuff said
Edit Why are xbots annoyed? Its not like there are any games on the crapbox that run at native 1080p

brothersimon3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

ps3 always slows 360 down...

im guessing its every developers nightmare. every game should be 360 exclu. so we dont have this problem.

Just look at GTA... delayed for months because of PS3.

@Terminator. It isnt 'true' 1080 but droids ave to have a dream, right? it should be called screentearin80p

DomUltra3812d ago

GTA was delayed because of multi-player, and if you don't remember, they said they had some problems getting the PS3 version, and the first delay was because of the Xbox 360, shame how the PS3 version is still better.

How is native 1080p not true 1080p? Brother, your a retard as always, go back to the inbred camp, they need some one to make fun of.

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