DICE: 'Devs haven't begun pushing the PS3's limits'

Battlefield dev tells we won't see what the PS3 can really do till the end of its life cycle.

Developers haven't begun pushing the limits of the PS3 and won't till the end of its life cycle, the general manager of DICE Studio has told

Speaking following his Mirror's Edge presentation to media at Sony's recent PlayStation Day in London, DICE's Sean Decker likened development on the PS3 to the PS2, saying "it's not until several years down the road that you're able to squeeze every drop" out of a console.

When asked if gamers are starting to see the limits of the PS3's capabilities now, Decker replied: "Oh no. I've been around for two different console cycles now, this is my third one, and it's always the case that the first several years everybody's exploring the bounds of it, and it's not until several years down the road that you're able to squeeze every drop out of it."

He added: "Look at games like God of War. On the PS2 it looks brilliant. Try and do that game at the beginning of the PS2, wow, you would have such a hard time doing that. And the same thing's going to be true for this as well. Over the next several years on all the major platforms you're going to see all the developers squeezing every little bit out of it. It's going to be a while before you really push it to the edge."

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Mike134nl3817d ago

Though konami is definitely trying with MGS, pushing the ps3 to its limit appears to be not as easy as sony wanted. So I guess it is likely that the ps3 hasn't reached it limit yet. Specially compared to the xb 360 which already seems to reach its limit (note:disk space).
The question is if developers will find the effort worth the financial reward.
Which is also one of the main factors for deciding upon which console (ps/xb) will com on top.
At this moment the race is still open with xb having a edge, allowing developers to reap bigger financial benefits, when making games for xb360.

TresTrendu3817d ago

Look's like the ps3 just has a year and a half and it will be all topped out. He said 3 year's right.

HighDefinition3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

There owned by Sony! Um.....Oops.

There are making a exclusive PS3 game of course they would say that! Um....Oops.


Problems w/ the PS3 are a thing of the PAST.
Problems w/ the 360 are a thing of the FUTURE.

What we said is BECOMING true and it get better and better everyday single day.

masterg3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )


DICE isn't owned by Sony.
Mirror's Edge is on both PS3 and 360.

Qbanboi3817d ago

xD you should put /sarcasm at the end on those kind of comment. Or your bubbles will suffer. Some people are special ed. ^^

tplarkin73817d ago

You need tone to detect sarcasm. You only get that with spoken dialog. So you have to always say "sarcasm" when writing.

solidt123817d ago

I think on a worldwide scale the PS3 is starting to get the edge. Some games are selling more on the PS3 or getting close on worldwide sells. In the US market yes the 360 is still the best place to make money on games but none of the games released on it that appeal to the Asian Markets have been successful.

thewhoopimen3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Actually you can read sarcasm.... he used "um... oops" at the end of each statement.... suggesting sarcasm. It was about as obvious as you can get. Both you and 1.3 need only to read a little bit more carefully methinks...

Panthers3817d ago

HighDefenition laid on the sarcasm pretty thick there and people still didnt get it.

Monchichi0253817d ago

"We won't see what the PS3 is made of till the end of it's life cycle." LMAO!!! Of course this is true.

Problem is, this has been true for every videogame system ever made! LOL

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gEnKiE3817d ago

Thats cool in all but you know M$ is going to screw up the console business by introducing an new console within the next couple years and releasing it.... Theirs is noooooo way M$ is going to keep their console along for that long, which is a shame. Ohh well, thats just M$ doing what they do best...... f***ing up sh**.....

brothersimon3817d ago

Why do you say M$?

Retard. You must love your PS3 huh? I mean, watching movies and playing a demo you paid £25.99 for.. who wouldnt?

PirateThom3817d ago

That's the best argument you can come up with?


Blu-ray movies have a less than 1 attach rate when PS3s included meaning the vasy majority of PS3 owners aren't using it for Blu-ray and that "demo" has more content than most full games and it's not like it's the first "Prologue" or "Concept" Gran Turismo title.

brothersimon3817d ago

orly :-)

sorry what was u sayin?

PirateThom3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

So, what this guy has done in retaliation is send me 48 spam PMs.

What we need on here is some system where children aren't allowed to sign up. Get rid of this gamer/open zone nonsense. Just don't allow anyone below the age of 15 to post comments.

Update: He just sent another load of spam PMs. Is this the average mentality of 360 fanboys?

DomUltra3817d ago

Dude, you don't know the half of it, every time you stump this guy, he sends you about 40-50 love letters via the private messaging system, seriously your his new crush of the month, thank god.

PirateThom3817d ago

I just blocked him, what a nonce.

gEnKiE3816d ago

"Why do you say M$?

Retard. You must love your PS3 huh? I mean, watching movies and playing a demo you paid £25.99 for.. who wouldnt?"

K dik, think what you want. :)

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Hellsvacancy3817d ago

that MS will release there next console within 2 years

Ghoul3817d ago

Cell is a yet completly new tech with was only penetrated on its core elements so far, we need much more research time to fully adept the opportunity's cell can deliver. I'm very thrilled to see where the cell will get us in the future.

PirateThom3817d ago

Hahaha, you can tell these guys want to make this game PS3 exclusive, but EA won't hear of it.

BeaArthur3817d ago

No way, they are too greedy for that.

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