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To prepare for PS3's biggest launch game, 1up got together three editors in the office who have been playing ridiculous amounts of it over the past week and posed a series of questions to them for one last preview before launch.

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Deceased4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Because like all of us 360 fanboy have been saying and what 1up just said it is a mix of call of duty and half life. LOL, They said it was nothing special or nothing they haven't seen before good luck with your so called killer app. LOL

LOL They said FEAR AI was better than RFOM, RFOm got schooled by an old PC game LOL witness the weakness of cell and its uber AI capabilities.

specialguest4455d ago

keep it up Deceased, because your name fits you. you'll find out soon..hehe

Deceased4455d ago

You really are special, special ed!!!

Arkham4455d ago

Quit yer spamming, boy.

shysun4454d ago

Fear AI has allways been the best in FPS....I'm not suprised it's not better than that.

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andy capps4455d ago

Nice preview. The comparisons to Half Life 2 are actually getting me excited, much more so than if they compared it to the Halo series, actually.

InMyOpinion4455d ago

Yes, Half-Life rocks! Can't wait for the HL2-bundle!

power of Green 4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Like i said Sony really need to talk to the Dev's and force them to bring some next gen games to the table(not just pretty good graphics)or Sony's going to have it's own handi-capped grading standards form reviewers. It's all about hardware with Sony and that isn't going to move consoles, judging 7th generation is the most critical so far. Sony fanboys are basing their hate for 360 games on what they think next-gen games should "look like" but forgeting the next-gen "design and gameplay" all the 360 games are getting such high scores for.

candystop4455d ago

Well at least they do have vehicles! I'm predicting 8 and some 9 out of ten reviews! The question now is why would anyone get a PS3 if all the games aren't that good and won't be for a good while?

Scythesean4455d ago

why did anyone get a 360 if all the games did not perform like gow does? Wait because you like the other games on it and wanted something new!

candystop4455d ago

You have been well misinformed if you honestly think that 360 didn't have great titles or at least ok titles at launch! Condemened, COD2, PGR3, Kameo, King Kong, PDZ, and a slew of xbox live arcade games and demo's up and running on the 1st day that were all exciting to hear about before the 360's launch! The PS3 launch titles suck and there is nothing exciting about the games for it at all! You are purchasing a console that does not focus on games which in my opinion is not even in the same ballpark as 360 and it's games now and in the future! Sorry to hurt your feelings but if you want to b!tch then I suggest you talk to Sony because there the one's screwing you blind bat's and not me! PS3 suck's period and all of you idiot's that get one will have to find out the hard way it looks like!

nambo4455d ago

People bought the 360 because it was the only "next-gen" system out. Now people have a choice. They can buy a 360 with games like GOW, FEAR, COD3 or pay more for the PS3. For me, the choice is simple, the 360 is a true next gen system with a proven online network, offers me the games I want (GOW, Bioshock, A. Wake), and at a cheaper price. Can't wait to see what the movie service is like.

power of Green 4455d ago

I agree Halo's AI is too advanced for such a weak slow world. The weapons ect in Halo needs it's revolutionary AI and wouldn't work on PS3, H3 wouldn't work on PS3 neither.

andy capps4455d ago

Yeah, I'm SURE the PS3 couldn't run any of the Halo games, much less Halo 3...

Please, I'm not going to get into a flame war with you, I was just stating my opinion that I was excited that Half Life 2 was being mentioned and that I preferred Half Life 2 to Halo 1 or 2.

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