Sony Tweaks the PlayStation Store

This morning turning my ps3 on and jumping to the store becouse I forgot to download the Borne Demo I noticed something different. The usual place for the GT5 Banner Ad is replaced by a list of Popular and Top downloaded Games. All you can highlight and select while it scrolls across the black section. Its a nice tweak to the store and I hope Sony keeps it up. Go check it out.

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I_killed_TheMart3814d ago

are u just trying to get an approval? lol

effy3814d ago

No, I thought it was interesting. Never saw that on the new store yet.

St03814d ago

Wish SCEE would do the same, it's still the same stupid arrangement for us

Tomdc3814d ago

they hav had this on the hong kong store since new store started =)

resistance1003814d ago

They had this on the old PAL store, if you had a HDTV

SolidSnake933814d ago

Wait, you mean that the store is different if you are using an HDTV?

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The story is too old to be commented.