MMO Week Interview: Jagex's Geoff Iddison - CEO discusses global ambitions, new titles and taking MMO skills to the casual sector

In August last year, Cambridge-based developer Jagex announced that former PayPal and eBay executive Geoff Iddison was joining the company as CEO. The company is best-known for the browser-based MMO RuneScape, which has over six million registered subscribers in the US and Europe. According to Iddison, RuneScape averages over 16 million unique visitors over a two week period, and is helping the business grow around 35 per cent year-on-year.

This February Jagex launched it's latest project - casual games portal FunOrb - which initially sounded as far away from the time-consuming fantasy role-play of RuneScape as possible. But here, Geoff Iddison talks to about using MMO tech and business practices in the casual market, as well as ambitious plans to expand the business globally along with new additions to the Jagex portfolio.

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