Cliffy B: We Only Scratched the Surface of the 360

In an interview with Gamepro:

Having worked on Xbox 360, from a technology standpoint, how much more do you think the system can be pushed with future games?

"I think there's plenty of room to push and experiment when it comes to physics and AI and real-time lighting. I think we've only scratched the surface of what we can do with gameplay as well as the 360. There's far more potential down the road to do more stuff. As amazing as I think Gears is, and my gut tells me I still love playing it, I think we have a really incredible experience; I think we'll definitely push it further if we get around to dong a new version in the future."

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Deceased4455d ago

PS3 fanboys, we have the best looking game on the console and pc and you are stuck with resistance. And guess what there is more power to be tapped, Gears of War 2 will be the shiz. Looks like CG but its not, it is real time baaaby baaabaay.

eques judicii4455d ago

don't bash ps3 unwarranted... both systems will put out graphics at about an equal level... just bask in the glory that is GoW!

Deceased4455d ago

The truth is finally coming out, the PS3 launch lineup sucks, Resistance sucks (ask 1up). All you have to look forward to is motorstorm and from what i've heard it looks decent but the controls suck.

TheXgamerLive4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

The slightly weaker and handicapped rsx and cell graphical combo w/256 + 256 (thats not easliy or unified useable at will) will only have a seemingly equal graphics or game play version when there's a ported game that's to be made playable on both but as with COD3, it's much better on the Xbox 360 w/60fps etc...more detailed environments ...
But still yes, the ps3 will have some eventual great games, the developers will find a way to make it look good as well.

Retard4455d ago

Aheemm... I do believe PCs are the powerhouse of all Graphics and Power... don't... put PC's to Consoles ... ever.

Daytona4455d ago

PC's are the most readily upgradeable yes, but for atleast the next 1 or so, the Xbox 360 will be better than most any and all PC games. Hell, even the ps3 will do the same for a time, why?? Easy. Most people who own PC's don't nor will they ever have in the near or distant future a gaming card or processor as powerful as these console's. Could you build one more powerful now, probably not but in the next maybe 6 months or so you probably could for $3K, but most don't have that money. In fact, most PC users today probably run a type of celeron processor and maybe a 64 meg video card, even less on alot of laptops, so your incorrect in that reponce, but I do know what you were saying. If everyone had a more useable income then sure most would always have the current top of the line gaming PC but most don't have the throw away cash.

marionz4455d ago

gears wouldnt be possible on ps3 due to the split ram....came from the horses mouth guys

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THWIP4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

"K-Fed was there to promote his album....he ruined Britney" :D

Cliffy B. is such a cool guy....the savior and posterboy of the gaming industry.

Silver Bull3t4455d ago

yeah Cliffy, I think you should dong a new version in the future too... hehe

power of Green 4455d ago

I read that a while ago when cliffy mentioned the fact in the past, Sony fanboys Crucified my ass for pointing that out the other day as if i sined.

calderra4455d ago

You mean games releaed in the second year of a console's life don't tap that console's full power!?!?!?


Somebody needs to tell the console industry- this startling revalation could change the world!

(Seriously, people.)

THWIP4455d ago

...this is an OBVIOUS response to those (primarily Sony fanboys) who say that Gears is as good as it will EVER get on the 360. Hell, if you listen to Sony, the PS3 will someday be capable of 4D gaming, and in-game graphics equal to the CGI of the Spider-Man movies. :o

Capt CHAOS4454d ago

Didn't Sony say that about the PS2. Lol

BlackCountryBob4454d ago

Call me ignorant but what is the 4th dimension?

Yo Wassap4454d ago

there are 13 dimensions, people used to think that the 4th dimension was time (it's no longer thought of like that though), 4d gaming won't exist as we live in a world of 3 dimensions (don't listen to adverts for say 4d cinema). The ideas above were posted under 'M theory' in quantum mechanics. The idea also revolves around multiple univearses which has been accepted by certain members of the scientific community.

Sorry if some of you here did not understand what i just said.

dantesparda4453d ago

The 4th dimension is time. And Im sorry people but i beat Gow and its alright. Its alright at best. Its not all that. I mean dont get me wrong, the game is cool and all, but by no means the best game ever. Sh!t not even close! its just an alright game. And the gfx, while cool and all, its not all that! now I now that its better than most games gfx out there. But i just am not blown away by these gfx, FNR3 impressed me more than this. Good, but not incredible. And now people, now that you's have seen GoW, tell me that Crysis dont look much better than it. And am i the only guy getting lag online? and the game is also buggy, very buggy. Its alright, I'na try it on hardcore soon, but i just felt like the game was to repetitive. And you's gotta admit, your crews AI is pretty dumb. I like the berserkers though. I also think that all the cinema scenes with KRAAM or RAAM (or whatever his name is) look pretty good. Good game, but not the best game out there, now way!

BlackCountryBob4452d ago

If time is the fourth dimension then surely this was achieved to a degree on the xbox1 with the Blinx games (they weren't good games but it is my example!)

FadeToBlack4451d ago

Could you please send me some of the pot your smoking? I just cant comprehend you comming to the conclusion of GOW being just an alright game when its got an average rating of 95%??

BlackCountryBob4451d ago

I haven't said a word about GOW, I haven't even played it yet as it isn't out in Europe for another 5 days but even then I wont buy it as I am saving my cash for Rainbow six vegas the following week! Leave that guy to his opinion, Reviewers can only give an impression or what a game is and a score is just something small enough to put on a sticker for the game box, can you honestly say that every game which was ever rated highly in the press you have loved coz I aint.

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