SplitFish AG Announces Acquisition of Glow Gaming Inc.

Glow Gaming Inc. is a corporation in Ontario Canada, with "GottaGlow" branded Game controllers. A "Gotta Glow" Wii Product is scheduled for release in Q3. All Glow Gaming products feature "luminescent" glow in the dark materials, and are highly rated by gamers and reviewers. Unlike competitor "glow" controllers who use LED or mini light technology, Glow Gaming utilizes a custom injection process with a high quality impact resistant composite to make their products glow naturally. By adding the "GottaGlow" Nintendo Wii compatible products, including controllers and accessories, to its product lineup for distribution, SplitFish will gain access to the multi-billion Nintendo Wii market.

Terms of the purchase are that SplitFish paid principal(s) of Glow Gaming Inc, a private company, 300,000 shares at a price of one Euro per share for the outright purchase of 100% ownership in all intellectual rights, trademarks, products both present and future as well as intellectual know how and personnel.

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