Games Like 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Aren't A Threat To Hollywood, Gaming Experts Say

MTV writes: "Hollywood execs need not worry about the half-billion-dollar gorilla that has been absorbing a lot of video game players' time. "Grand Theft Auto IV," which sold 6 million copies in its first week, is no threat to the movie industry, according to gaming experts.

Before the latest edition of Rockstar Games' interactive crime drama was released last week, members of the gaming and film industries, as well as the press, pondered whether "GTA" was going to hurt the release of the "Iron Man" movie. Games of "GTA" magnitude don't typically hit stores at the same time as the first big movie of the summer.

"GTA" netted $500 million in its first week of worldwide release. "Iron Man" netted an impressive $101 million, better than expected. So maybe gaming's biggest and baddest aren't a threat?"

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Britjadg3816d ago

i'm surprised iron man made that much.

last 10 mins of the film are laughable! and its had such good reviews which is ludicrous.