PS3 demo station at Target

That's right boys and girl, in all likely hood, your local Target should have a PS3 demo station up and running starting today.

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Darth Gamer4455d ago

No playable games though. Just a quick 1 minute blur of some of the games coming for it. It was not all that impressive to tell the truth. I hope things look better in the future. Not to mention that the thing is huge.

calderra4455d ago

Wha? No games? If true, this basically confirms all the worst things fanboys could ever want to say about Sony.

How about....
"Fitting! All Sony's showed us from the PS3 thus far has been pre-rendered videos anyway..."

"yeah, it's all about the games- which is why all this unit does is play BluRay videos and nothing more."

How about...
"Play n3thing."

Everyone has to agree- shipping a "demo" unit this close to launch with absolutely nothing playable- not even anything INTERACTIVE really- is just stupid.

Deceased4455d ago

Still not playing games yet? Awwww I thought the Sony fanboys would be able to finally play the crapstation 3, but I guess to still have to wait to see how lame motorstorm and resistance is compared to Gears and the rest of the 360' present and future lineup.

Arkham4455d ago

Quit yer spamming, fanboy.

andy capps4455d ago

As of two days ago, my local store had the kiosk out, but no unit installed. Meaning that they had the TV, controller, and setup ready, but the PS3 unit had not been received yet. What a tease. I tried to see what the new controller felt like, but wished it was on a cord and not one of those horrible things where you have very limited motion. Buttons felt good though, but I was more interested in asking the rep about PS3 info. For the local Target, no midnight launch, no pre-order of course, not sure how many launch units getting, but supposed to be 112 by end of December (supposedly).

Silver Bull3t4455d ago

I'll bring the burgers if you bring the buns!!!! ;)

ScorpioKyle4455d ago

at the super target in clearwater, FL they had it playable. It had motorstorm and NBA. They should have put better games on the kiosk, since the demos underwhelmed a bit. But then again, Motorstorm is still a ways out and will have time for improvement, and NBA....well its sony's first party sports brand, and they usually suck.

Deceased4455d ago

was all hype, to me it looks meh and the gameplay looks worse, I am really glad i abandoned Sony to move to microsoft it was the best move i have ever made concerning gaming, the 360 is the best consoe I have ever played.

ScorpioKyle4455d ago


one thing i noticed in the demo also was that the spectators were just motionless maniquens.

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