Asus creates new GPU future with upgradeable graphics cards

Theo Valich writes:

''The vision of upgradeable graphic cards goes back to the late 1990s, when Micron Technology was experimenting with removable sockets. In 2006, both MSI and Gigabyte showcased upgradeable graphic cards, but their concepts, which were based on GeForce Go MXM boards, never took off. Earlier this year, Asus introduced a single board with three MXM slots for ATI Mobility Radeon 3850 or 3870 cards (upgradeable with future parts), and has now unveiled its single-MXM product.''

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Harry1903868d ago

I did not understand a single thing of the tech talk.

j4gs143867d ago

r just the best. look at all their stuff.

ravenguard883867d ago

Compared to some of the standard heavy-hitters I don't see this being successful.

It will likely be marketed to people looking to spend as little money as possible but in need of a graphics solution, and it will probably cost more than standard cards.

DomUltra3867d ago

Interesting how this will fair, upgradable graphics card seem like a smart move, but how much will the upgrade be, and what performance boost will you actually see?

Ju3867d ago

I thought that is what PCI/AGP/PCIe was meant to be for. But, well, $500+ for a card makes it feasible to swap parts...

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